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What is Software?

Software is another term for programs. Anything you "use" on your computer to accomplish a task is considered software, ranging from a word processor (for typing papers and essays), to web browsers (for surfing the web), to video games. As an associate of OregonState, you gain access to many free and discounted software suites that make like at OSU much easier.

Who can get it?

Generally OSU Students, Faculty, and Staff, are able to get this software.

What Software is Provided?

OSU provides staff and students with a free StatGraphics located here:


More information about offered software, as well as recommended software, can be found here.

What Software is Distributed with University Reduced Prices?

Information about software distributed under special license by the school's departments can be found on our University Site and Volume licenses page.

What software is available for OSU employees to use at home?

Microsoft office is available to qualified employees and Graduate Research Assistants (GRA) and Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA). Visit the Microsoft home use web page for further information.

What is the MSDNAA?

The Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance is a licensing agreement between the College of Engineering, and the College of Business, which allows students of the these schools access to a whole range of software as a free download.

To learn about the software provided, visit the College of Engineering MSDNAA page, or the College of Business MSDNAA page. For the College of Engineering, sign in with your ENGR username and password, then click on the MSDNAA link on the left toolbar, it should be almost all the way down to the bottom.

What about the OSU Bookstore?

The OSU Bookstore also has a selection of software for purchase.  To purchase software at the OSU Bookstore, you may need to provide proof of OSU affiliation. If you are interested in seeing their available stock, you can learn more at the OSU Bookstore site.

What software will we be using?

As a student, you will need to use a variety of software for educational purposes. Most (but not all) of the software will be provided through OSU via Remote Apps. Microsoft Office 365 is also availible for all current students who are enrolled in courses. 

Along with software to assist with education, we also use 'BeaverPrints' to process all of our printing done across campus. 


Note: Software should be researched before purchasing to make sure that you have the correct version, as well as the best price.

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