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Cascade Campus Life Page

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Who is qualified to view this content?

Everyone associated with the Cascade Campus of Oregon State Universtiy should be able to view this tab.

What information is available?

This tab displays alot of general Cascade Campus information, including upcoming events, groups and communities based on the Cascade Campus, and useful links to transit help; such as campus maps, parking permits, etc. A list of campus resources targetted to Student support and assistance is also available.

What portlets are available?

Getting Involved: This portlet contains links to different Campus services, with helpful information in Community building, Internship assistance, information relating to Study Abroad, as well as a list of on-campus recreational activities.

Safety: Has links to OSU Alerts, Public Saftey, Student Conduct, as well as the Emeregency Notification log of past announcements.

Staying Connected: Contains OSU Cascades Facebook profile and a link to the campus newspaper.

Events: Calendars for both Cascades campus as well as the Bend and Central Oregon events can be found here.

Campus Resources: Information relating to housing and dining on Cascade campus, as well as opportunitites for employment are placed here.

Transportation: This portlet contains information such as campus maps, parking maps, parking permit information, as well as helpful links to local transportation services.

Support Resources: Helpful links to campus services aimed for student assistance, health and wellness services, as well as information about Financial aid.

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