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What is Blackboard?

Login to Blackboard

Helpdocs offers "how to" help for students and faculty. If you just need to login to Blackboard, go to my.oregonstate.edu

Video Tutorial: New Features

Blackboard Service Pack 13 was installed as of December 23rd, 2013. Watch the Global Navigation and My Blackboard tutorial for information on some of these new features, then go to TAC's Blackboard Self-Paced Learning page for videos on other new features such as Inline Assignment Grading and Social Learning Tools.

Blackboard is an on-line virtual classroom. It is a teaching and learning environment, as well as a configurable portal for the OSU community. Blackboard allows instructors to administer tests and quizzes, post grades and lecture notes, and host discussion boards. Through Blackboard, students are able to contact their instructors and classmates, keep a calendar, and maintain an address book.

Note: Not all instructors use Blackboard. Contact your instructor if you are unsure of the availability of a course.

Who Has Access?

Blackboard is available to anyone with an ONID (OSU Network ID) account (Set up an ONID account here) Accounts are accessible immediately following the activation of your ONID account.

Access to individual courses taught using Blackboard requires registration in the course. Course availability and course materials is available for preview at the discretion of the instructor. Guests may preview portal material by clicking the "Preview" button on the login page.

Service Pack 13 Upgrade

Blackboard has been upgraded to Service Pack 13. Improvements include:

  • Interactive calendar
  • Streamlined assignment grading
  • Improved content editor
  • Improved discussion boards
  • New options to analyze test results

For more details about this upgrade, please visit the Service Pack 13 Upgrade announcement.

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