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Wireless Printing

What is Wireless Printing?

Wireless printing allows any ONID user the abiltiy to print to campus printers from thier personal laptops.  Student Computing Facilities (SCF) has printers in buildings campus wide (Milne, The Valley Libray, Kidder, Education, and Callahan Classroom) that allow wireless printing.

Who has access?

Anyone who has a valid ONID account will have access.

How To Print Wirelessly

For instructions connecting using Windows XP, Vista, 7, Click Here

For instructions connecting using a Mac, Click Here

List of Wireless Printers

Printer: Queue Name: Printer Manufacture: Printer Model: Driver:
SCF Main B/W scf_main HP Laserjet 9050 Series HP (http://www.hp.com)
SCF Main Color scf_main-color Xerox Phaser 7700GX Xerox (http://www.xerox.com/)
SCF Main Transparency scf_main-trans Xerox Phaser 7700GX Xerox (http://www.xerox.com/)
Kidder 33 scf_kidd033 HP Laserjet 9000DN HP (http://www.hp.com)
Kidder 28 scf_kidd028 HP Laserjet 9000DN HP (http://www.hp.com)
Education 126 scf_edu126 HP Laserjet 9000DN HP (http://www.hp.com)
Valley Library Main vlib_main HP Laserjet 9050 (Postscript works best)
HP (http://www.hp.com)
Valley Library Colour vlib_colour HP Laserjet Color 5550 HP (http://www.hp.com)
Valley Library CLC vlib_clc HP Laserjet 8150 HP (http://www.hp.com)
Callahan Classrom eng_call125 HP Laserjet 4100 HP (http://www.hp.com)

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