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The OSU Wireless Network

Oregon State University provides consolidated wireless network access in many campus locations through the OSU Wireless Network. The OSU Wireless Network allows students, staff, and even conference users to easily setup and use wireless devices on campus. Click here for a map of campus, including information about wireless coverage.

Wireless Networks for ONID and OUS Users

Anyone who has a valid ONID or OUS account will have access. For more information about who has access to the network, See our Getting Connected page.

There are two options available when connecting to the on campus wireless network at OSU: OSU_Access and OSU_Secure. OSU_Access is an unsecured connection meant for quick sessions, and simple web browsing. OSU_Secure is an encrypted connection which allows security for online browsing if you should need it.

Partnering With OUS Institutions!

OSU has established reciprocal relationships with several OUS schools to allow access to each others wireless. OSU employees and students can use their ONID account to access wireless at PSU and U of O.

What Is Wireless and How Does It Work?

Wireless is a way of connecting to the internet, network, or device without the use of a wired connection. While it may be more convenient to use wireless, it may not be as consistent as a wired connection.

OSU Wireless Strategy

Our wireless strategy involves deploying a campus-wide wireless network with these goals:

  • Comprehensive coverage with single registration. To deliver the greatest value we are working towards maximum campus coverage. Users will be able to access the majority of the wireless network by completing a single registration process.
  • Easy to use for the OSU community. There is a design trade-off between secure and easy. Security protocols are evolving, but for the time being we have chosen to make default registration for and use of the wireless network easy rather than completely secure, provided we can account for the identities of users.
  • Secure option if appropriate. Recognizing the security requirement of many applications, encrypted communication is possible with the understanding that it will require more complex configuration by the user. Secure network communication will allow users to access nearly all of the same resources available through wired networks.

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