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Using Wireless Routers on ResNet

ResNet provides wired network ports in every residence hall room, and most rooms are covered by the ResNet wireless network. We highly discourage the use of personal wireless routers and wireless access points as they can interfere with the OSU wireless coverage provided in all residence halls. If you have poor wireless coverage in your room, or need to connect more than one wired device, you can set up a wireless (or wired only) router in your room.

Router Basics

A router is a network device allowing multiple computers, handheld devices and game consoles to communicate with each other and share a single connection to the Internet. They usually contain one uplink (WAN) jack and between 4 and 24 Ethernet (LAN) jacks where network devices can be plugged in. By connecting a router in the correct way to ResNet, multiple network devices can share the same connection, and operate on the same private network.

Securing Your Wireless Router

ResNet requires you to secure your wireless router to use it. You must use wireless encryption, which encodes the data transmitted between your PC and your wireless router. Unfortunately, some routers ship with encryption turned off, leaving it completely exposed. Enable your router's encryption and use the strongest form supported by your computer. The Wireless Protected Access (WPA) protocol and more recent WPA2 have supplanted the older and less-secure Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP).

Also, make sure you change the default network name and password on your router. Doing so will make it much more difficult for hackers to break into your router and commandeer its settings.

How To - Secure Wireless Router Set Up

Connecting the Router

Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the orange or green internet jack in your room, and the other into the WAN, Uplink, or Internet port of the router. Connect your computer and other devices to the LAN ports on the router.

Warning: It is very important you do NOT plug the cable going to the port on the wall into one of the regular LAN jacks on the router, as this will disable your network port.

Register the Router

To get your connection working, you'll need to find and register the routers WAN or Uplink adapter address. This may be physically written somewhere on the router, or you may be able to find it in the router's web–based interface. Consult your router's manual for the best way to find the adapter address.

To register the device, login to ResDesk. You will be prompted to type in the hardware address found above, agree to the acceptable use policy, and click submit. Doing so will register your device.

Once the router is registered, all network devices connected to the router will have access to the network.

Additional Help

Setting up a router can be tricky, especially on a network shared with many other students. If you are having trouble setting up your router, or are wondering if it was secured correctly, feel free to call the OSU Computer Helpdesk at 541-737-3474. We can walk you through setup over the phone, or send a technician out to help you set it up in person.

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