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The OSU Wireless Network

Oregon State University provides enterprise wireless network access in many campus locations. The wireless network on campus and OSU satellite locations allows students, staff, and visitors to easily set up and use wireless devices. 

What Is Wireless and How Does It Work?

Wireless is a way of connecting to the internet, network, or device without the use of a wired connection. 

Available Wireless Networks

Anyone who has a valid ONID account will have access to OSU wireless. For more information about who has access to the network, see our Getting Connected page.

There are four options available when connecting to the wireless network at OSU:

  • OSU_Secure (recommended)
  • OSU_Access 
  • Visitor
  • Eduroam

OSU_Secure is an encrypted connection and is more secure. OSU_Access is an unsecured connection providing the same resources. Visitor is a network designed for users only on campus for a day or short time period. Eduroam is a network for users from other participating universities to connect to with their university credentials; it can also be used by OSU students and employees who travel to other institutions.  

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