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What about free web-based email solutions such as Hotmail?

We recommend using your ONID account because it is your OSU identity, prestigious, ad-free, and free.


You should use an OSU email account for OSU related (academic and administrative) email. Here are some reasons why:

  • Loss of OSU identity: When you send email from a free web-based email account, OSU recipients of that email have no way of knowing that you're from OSU.
  • Free Web-Based Email is Filtered By Some Users/Sites: Because many spammers routinely exploit free web-based email providers to send their spam, or forge the address of free web-based email providers into spam sent from elsewhere, many people routinely filter ALL email from free web-based email providers. Often this results in your messages from the free web-based email provider simply being silently discarded.
  • Free Web-Based Email Systems Are Favorite Targets For Spammers: Receipt of spam is a problem at many free web- based email sites, too. While we actively work to eliminate spam on ONID, there's nothing we can do to help you eliminate problems you may have with receiving spam on a free web-based email account.
  • Hidden costs: "Free" web-based email solutions such as Hotmail are actually supported by advertising and have various hidden costs. Email received on campus is far more efficient and cost-effective.

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