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How do I create an appointment on Google Calendar?

In some cases, it is easiest to create a period of time in your calendar to meet with an unknown number of people (such as advising appointments) then have people sign up for portions of that time.

To create appointments in which others may sign-up for time spots:

  1. Log into your Google Calendar
  2. Click whichever day and time you wish to make the appointment (you can change this later)
  3. Choose “Appointment Slots” on the pop-up that appears from the two tab options (“Event” and “Appointment Slots”)
  4. Click “Edit Details” and select the calendar you wish to add this appointment to
  5. Add a title, you may also change the time block in here to accurately reflect the appointment length
  6. If this is an appointment you wish to have more than once (Weekly office hours for example) you may check the box next to “Repeat”. From there you’re able to choose how often the event will occur
  7. Click "Save" after reviewing all your settings to post your appointment


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