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How can I setup my ONID Google account in my iOS device?

**If you haven't already, here is more information on how to opt in to the Google program.

The Google applications are available for download on multiple platforms. Most of the apps are available to the popular mobile operating systems, Apple iOS, and Android. 

Provided below, we have a few step-by-step guides on how to set up your mobile device to use these applications on your iOS operating system. 


If you have not changed your password since April of 2013, you may need to change your password for the email clients to work properly.

Change your ONID password

Setting Up Your Apple iOS Device

Setting Up Google Mail

  1. Unlock your iPad/iPhone  (If you have already configured downloaded the Google App please skip to this step)
  2. Open the App StoreApp Store
  3. Search for GmailSearch
  4. Select Gmail from the list of applications
    Gmail App Store
  5. Press the FREE buttonButton
  6. The FREE button will be replaced by an INSTALL APP button. Press the INSTALL APP buttonInstall Button
  7. The application will download and install on your iPad/iPhone.
  8. When the application is finished downloading, open it from your home screen.
  9. If you have just installed the ipad/iphone app please follw the first option below, if you have it already configured please follow second option below.
    1. You will be prompted to enter your email and password. Enter JUST your ONID email address into the email field and leave the password field blank. Press the Sign in button.
    2. Click on the options button  then click on the account name that you currently have setup on your device  Menu Button for Apple Gmail App (Options Button)
      1. Next select the option to "Add Account" and then JUST enter your ONID email address (prior to September 12, 2015 use username@onid.oregonstate.edu, after September 12, 2015 use username@oregonstate.edu) into the email field and leve the password field blank. Press the Sign in button.
        Google Signin
  10. You will be directed to the OSU Login page. Enter your ONID username and password into the fields provided and press the Login button.
    ONID Signin 
  11. You will be prompted to take a tour of Gmail or go directly to your inbox. The tour is recommended but not necessary.
  12. After you have completed your tour you will have access to your Oregon State Gmail inbox.

Setting Up Your Calendar

  1. Unlock your iPad/iPhone  
  2. Open the Settings menuSettings Icon 
  3. Open the Mail, Contacts, Calendars tab Mail Contacts Calendars 
  4. Under Accounts, press Add Account…  
  5. Select Gmail from the list  
  6. Before September 12, 2015, enter your @onid.oregonstate.edu account information in the fields provided. After September 12, 2015 enter your @oregonstate.edu account information in the fields provided, then press Next
    Gmail Credentials 
  7. Select which features of your Gmail account you would like synced and press Save
  8. Return to the home page and open Calendar
  9. Your Google Calendar should now be synced to your iPad/iPhone’s calendar.

Setting Up Google Drive

  1. Turn on and unlock your iPad  
  2. Open the App Store  
  3. Search for Google Drive  
  4. Select Google Drive from the list of applications  
     Google Drive 
  5. Press the FREE button   
  6. The FREE button will be replaced by an INSTALL APP button, press INSTALL APP.
    install button 
  7. Enter your Apple ID password  
  8. Your application should download and install and place and icon on your home screen. 
  9. Select the Google Drive icon from the home screen. 
  10. Press the Get Started button.  
  11. On the sign in page enter your ONID email address (prior to September 12, 2015 use username@onid.oregonstate.edu, after September 12, 2015 use username@oregonstate.edu) and leave the password blank. Press the blue Sign In button. You will be directed to an OSU Central Login page.  
    Google Signin 
  12. Enter your ONID username and password in the fields provided. 
  13. Press either Yes, I agree or No, don’t send on the anonymous usage prompt.
  14. You now have access to Google Drive through Oregon State.
  15. Press the plus icon at the top of the screen to upload files from your iPad or iPhone or create text documents and spreadsheets with Google Drive. You can also access files you’ve uploaded from any computer or mobile device with access to Google Drive.

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