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Apple Mail Content Disappearing?

Apple users updated to 10.9.1 have found if they setup their Apple Mail with ONID Gmail - it will sometimes make the content will disappear in all messages, but display the headers, timestamp, and contact information.

In order to redisplay the content, you have to do the following steps:

1. Open Preferences in Mail

2. Go find your ONID Gmail account on the left

3. Once your account is up, uncheck "Emable this account."

4. Once unchecked, close the window and quit Mail.

5. Re-open Mail and go back to your Preferences.

6. Find your ONID Gmail account on the left again.

7. Re-enable your account by checking the box.


That's it! For some people this works and get their message content to reappear. If this does not work for you, please feel free to contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk for more information 

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