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Configuring Email Clients (Non-ONID)

How do I configure my E-mail Client?

There are two options for configuring your e-mail client. You can either look through our supported list of programs or you can use our server connection settings and configure the client appropriately.

If you use one of the clients below, click on it for setup instructions

Mobile Devices Windows Mac

Generic e-mail client settings

These are the generic settings you will need if your email client is not listed above:

Exchange based connection

This connection is used if you are connecting on-campus with a wired connection or off-campus with a VPN connection.

Server name: mapi.oregonstate.edu
Mailbox name: (the user's full name)

IMAP based connection

  • Incoming Mail Server:
        exmail.oregonstate.edu  (Clients on OSX and Android devices may require connecting to legacy.oregonstate.edu)
        Username: domain\username   -or-   e-mail.address@oregonstate.edu
        require a secure connection
        port: imap - 993
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
        requires authentication: ONID
        require a secure connection
        port: 587

More information about Exchange can be located on Network Engineering's webpage.

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