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What is E-mail?

Electronic mail (commonly known as e-mail) is a form of communication commonly used by companies, schools and individuals to exchange? digital information. E-mail is the process of transferring messages from a sender to receiver, and is analogous to traditional mail. On both ends of this transaction, the users interact with software (e.g. Micrsoft Outlook, MacMail, etc.) or a webpage (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), which you can think like a mail box where you can send and receive letters. Before reaching the recipient, the e-mail is fed through a system of servers to arrive at the appropriate destination. This can be thought of as being similar to the route a traditional letter takes through the postal service.  

Who Has Access?

Students, employees, and associates will receive an ONID e-mail address ("username"@onid.oregonstate.edu). Many departments offer Exchange Accounts (usually "firstname.lastname"@oregonstate.edu) for their employees. Oregon State University provides a lifetime e-mail forwarding address for alumni in the form of "username@lifetime.oregonstate.edu", where they choose their own username.

Most individuals affiliated with OSU will have at least one e-mail address associated, usually an ONID email address. Depending on your affiliation, you may receive multiple e-mail addresses. Many of the major colleges provide an e-mail address (e.g., Engineering, Forestry, Science, etc.) that is specific to their division.

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NOTE: In order to reduce spam, emails sent from off campus to our mail servers will be limited to 1,000 recipients/hour or 500 messages/hour (whichever is reached first). If you need to send more emails, you will have to wait for the hour to expire.

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