(UM) Missed Call and Text Message Notification

Missed Call Notifications

Unified Messaging? can send a "Missed Call" notification to your email when a caller doesn't leave a voice message.

  1. Go to exmail and log in using your exchange email settings
  2. Go to Options --> See All Options --> Phone
  3. Check the box in the Outlook Web AppNotifications area; uncheck the box if you wish to turn the feature off.

Missed Call


Text Message Notifications

Unified Messaging can send a "Missed Call" text message to your cell phone when you miss a call or receive a voicemail.

  1. Go to exmail and log in using your exchange email settings
  2. Go to Options --> See All Options --> PhoneText messaging
  3. Select Text Messaging and click on Turn On NotificationsConfirmation Text
  4. Select the Locale (country) and Mobile operator (your cell phone service provider) from the dropdown lists, and click Next.
  5. Enter your cell phone number with area code and click Next 
  6. Outlook will send a text message containing a passcode to your cell phone. Enter this number in the Passcode field and click Finish to enable text messaging. Outlook will send a confirmation message to your cell phone notifying you that text messaging has been enabled and display a similar confirmation message on the Text Messaging page in Outlook.
  7. Next, click Voice Mail and scroll down to the Notifications area. Notice that this area now contains additional options for text messaging. text messaging radio option
  8. Click on the desired radio button to specify the level of text messaging notification you prefer.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the Voice Mail page and click Save to save your settings.