Why do I need a user account?

User accounts are used to access email, classes, and personal information. Your ONID account is used to access classes and the ONID email account. It can also get you access to the VPN? client.

Your OSU ID? and GAP? number gives you access to view your personal information stored with the University, as well as register for classes, view financial aid information and even your payment information. These can also be viewed by inputting your ONID username and password if you are currently affiliated with the school.

What kinds of accounts are there?

There are four main types of accounts. There are: Perspective Student accounts, ONID accounts, Exchange? accounts, and Alumni accounts. Generally only OSU employees have Unified/Exchange accounts and only Alumni will use the OSUID/GAP account.

Where can I find more information on these accounts?

You can access more information on the accounts at the following locations.





What is an ONID Account?

OSU Network Identification (ONID) is a universal computer account. ONID users receive a free email address with their ONID account, but ONID is much more than just email. With an ONID username and password, you also get access to University technology services, the wireless network, CanvasResNet, IS computer labs, the Interlibrary Loan, and much more. There is no comprehensive list to what you gai naccess to with an ONID account, because we are constantly adding additional tools and services, but most of those resources can be found as helpdocs under "applications".

Who can get an ONID account?

Note: Spouses of OSU employees are Affiliates, not Associates. Affiliates are not eligible for ONID accounts.

How can I sign up for ONID?

Instructions are available here.

How long can I keep my ONID account?

Graduating students: one year after graduation.

Non-graduating students: accounts are deactivated one term after the student's final eligible registration, and deleted one term after that.

Employees: accounts are deactivated two months after the employee's termination, and deleted one term after that. 

Where can I find more information?

We have a variety of help documents availible, specifically about ONID account, below:

(ONID) Sign-Up Instructions

How Do I Set Up My Account?

Written Instructions

  1. To activate your ONID account, you need to go to:  OR
    To verify your identity by entering your:
    • OSU ID Number
    • Students - Your OSU ID number was emailed to you by the OSU Admissions Office after your OSU application was submitted. It was also mailed to you in your acceptance packet from OSU or was given to you in your hiring paperwork.
    • Employees - Your OSU ID number is provided a number of ways. The number is located on your ID card, delivered by your supervisor or through a new hire e-mail.
    • Birth date
    • First Name
    • Last Name
  2. Then click Submit. ONID Sign Up Step 1
  3. Read OSU's Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy, and click "I Agree"
  4. Set A Password:
    • Read the instructions and create a password that meets the restrictions.
    • Enter your password a second time.
    • Click Set Password.
    ONID Sign Up Step 3
  5. Enter Alternate Contact Information:
    • Enter your cell phone number.
    • Enter an alternate email address.
    • Click Submit.
      • This information will be used to contact your in the event that you forget your ONID password.
      • You are NOT required to enter in information if you do not want to, but it may cause resetting a forgotten password much more difficult.
      • You ARE allowed to fill out only one field.
      • These CAN be changed later.
  6. Your ONID account should have been successfully created.
  7. ONID Sign Up Step 6

If you're still having issues, feel free to call the OSU Computer Helpdesk at 541-737-3474.

(ONID) Leaving OSU

What happens to my ONID account after I leave?

Your ONID account hangs around for a little while after you leave the university.

  • Current students: your account is deactivated one term after you were last able to register, provided that you don't register for more classes.
  • Graduating students: your account is deactivated one year after graduation.

All ONID accounts are deleted one term after deactivation.

Until your ONID account is deactivated, you will have access to all services that require ONID credentials. This includes Google Apps, Office 365, RemoteApps, Citrix Receiver, OSU VPN? etc.

What’s the difference between deactivated and deleted accounts?

Deactivated accounts retain all account data, including all e-mails. However, you will not be able to log in to the account to access that information. If your account is deactivated, and you need temporary access to your e-mails or files, you can contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk to reactivate your account for a short period of time.

Deleted accounts are permanently deleted off of our servers. Any data that was deleted with these accounts cannot be recovered, so make sure to transfer any contacts or important data to another account.

How can I keep all my data from Google Apps?

Please refer to our Take Google with You (Leaving OSU) helpdoc for detailed steps on retaining your information from Google.

How can I keep all my data from Office 365 (OneDrive)?

If you have files stored up in your OneDrive, you’re going to need to download them locally to your computer. To do this, we will need OneDrive for Business.

For Windows users: OneDrive for Business comes with your Office 365 download.
For Mac users: You will need to download the OneDrive for Business Mac Sync client.

To sync your files:

  1. Log in to Office 365 at
  2. Click on the OneDrive icon (if you don’t see it, you may have to click on the blue menu button in the upper left)
  3. Navigate to the folder you'd like to sync to your computer
  4. Click Sync at the top of the page, and launch the OneDrive for Business application if prompted

Your files will now begin syncing with your OneDrive for Business folder.

For Windows users: This folder can usually be found in C:\Users\(yourPCname).
For Mac: You can find your OneDrive folder by clicking on the cloud icon in the upper right hand corner and selecting “Open OneDrive for Business folder.”

This sync may take a while, depending on your internet connection and how many files you had stored up in the cloud. Once your files have all completed downloading, you can copy them to a different folder anywhere on your local or external drive.

(ONID) Name Changes

ONID Username Changes

ONID usernames are formed by using up to seven characters of the last name, one or more characters of their first name, and a number, if needed, to form a unique username . No other format is available.

ONID Usernames may be requested to be changed for the following reasons:

  • Legal Name change due to marriage, divorce, etc.  Legal name change must be processed by HR or the Registrar prior to the change in ONID.  
  • Well explained extenuating circumstances that are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  This includes cases of objectionable usernames.

You are not required to change your username when your legal name changes and it will not automatically change.  You must request this change.  If you would just like to change the name displayed in your Google mail, follow the instructions in this document.  If you would like to change your exchange? email address (usually your, contact your local help desk.  These two changes do not require a username change.

Warning - Possible consequences of ONID username changes

Consider the following issues prior to changing your ONID username:

  1. Your ONID email address will change.  Email sent to your old ONID email address will be still be delivered to your mailbox, but you should provide your contacts with your new email address. When you send ONID email, your new email address will appear in the FROM field.
  2. ONID services (ONID File Services, Personal Web Pages, ONID Web Database) can be changed while preserving your access. However, your Personal Web Page URL ( will change, and shell scripts that contain your username or homedirectory path will need to be updated.
  3. Access to some services will be temporarily disrupted while waiting for the username to be updated across all systems. These services include, but are not limited to, Canvas, EmpCenter, and Office365.  Most of these services will update to include your new username during the overnight hours.
  4. Documents you have shared via links from Office365 may be broken because they contain your username in the sharing URL.  You will need to re-share those documents.
  5. Transaction/activity-tracking histories tied to your former username in applications may not transfer to your new username.
  6. Mobile devices and computers may need to be reconfigured to access email, Google Drive sync, OneDrive sync, local installs of Office ProPlus products, and other services.
  7. Access to other applications may not transfer automatically, and you will need to request access for your new username from the application support organization.  This includes Drupal access.
  8. If you have used your ONID Google account to login to non-OSU web sites, you may lose access to those web sites (your access may be based on your email address).  OSU cannot assist in resolving access issues for services not directly affiliated with OSU.
  9. Previous ONID username ILL accounts are no longer accessible after a username change.  You will need to create a new InterLibrary Loan (ILL) account.  After your username change, contact the Library to merge your old and new ILL accounts.
  10. Unforeseen or less common consequences may occur.


If you still want to change your ONID username, please contact the IS Service Desk.


Employees that would like to use a preferred name change or legal name change may make their request by completing the Name Change form on the OSCAR website.

  1. Check the Requested Action
  2. Fill out the first line, Your new name as it should appear in the OSU directory, and your OSU ID? number
  3. Print and sign the form
  4. Send it your HR representative(s) in your business center.  If you do not know who to contact in your business center, use the Find My Business Center page to find the correct contact information 

Note: for information on changing other directory details such as phone number or preferred email, please review the Online Directory Changes page or the HR Campus Directory Profile page.


The Office of the Registrar allows students to set a name-in-use that differs from their legal name by filing a biographical changes form, found here: Biographical Changes Form.

(ONID) Password Issues

Password Issues

Sometimes, we forget our passwords. Sometimes, we forget to change them in time. No matter what your issue is with your ONID password, the Service Desk is here to help.

However, in case you find yourself in need of password assistance and are unable to get into contact with the Service Desk - we have left a few sets of instructions in case you find yourself in these situations!

Please select your situation:

Nice! Check out some other helpdocs while you are here!

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Login To ONID" in the left hand column
  3. Login with your ONID username and use the expired password
  4. If the password was correct, the next step will just be to change your password.
  5. If this does not work, proceed with the steps under "If you don't know your current password"
  1. Go to
  2. Click "Login To ONID" in the left hand column
  3. Login with your current ONID credentials
  4. Click "Change Password" in the left hand column
  5. Follow the steps to changing your password
  1.  Go to
  2. Click on the "Change Password" in the top left corner
  3. Click the second link that says click 'here'
  4. Follow the set of instructions to change your password

(ONID) Personal Website Information

Personal Website Information

Note: ONID provides personal website space for all ONID users. If you need a professional website for your student organization or department, go to to request a Drupal site.

Setting up your personal website on the ONID server can be broken down into 6 main steps:

In order to access your ONID directory, you must be able to connect to it from a remote location.

Read the Connecting to your Home Directory instructions.

Once you have connected to your home directory, use the drop down menu above to get to step 2.

Your home directory should already have a directory named public_html. If it doesn't already have one, you will have to create one using shell access.

Commands for creating your public_html directory, if you don't already have one:

mkdir public_html
chmod 755 public_html

You must write your HTML pages using an HTML/text editor.

There are a number of HTML editors out there. Some are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), some are code-based, and some are a hybrid of both. For all practical purposes, if you are trying to make a webpage it would be a good idea to make sure you understand HTML. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to teach you how to use HTML. There are, however, a lot of resources on the web that you could take advantage of. Here are a few links you should check out if you are not familiar with HTML:

You may contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk for more HTML help, but use that resource only for specific questions. Don't send us an email saying, "How do I write html?" until you have taken a look at the resource links provided above. You can ask us questions like, "What tag do you use to insert a carriage return?" for example.

The files you create must be placed in your public_html directory.

Moving your .html files to your public_html directory can be done from any machine with an internet connection. Please read the Connecting to your Home Directory instructions.

Once your files are on the server, they must be configured so that people can read them.

Typically, your files should already have the right permissions on them. However, there are some instances where your transferred files won't be seen when you try to access them through the web. If this happens to you, then you can fix it in a few easy steps using shell access.

Commands for changing permissions on your .html files in your public_html directory:

cd ~/public_html
find ./ -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
find ./ -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

Once everything is completed, you should be able to view your web page by visiting in any basic web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer) -- just replace "username" with your username.

Before you give out your web address to all your friends, make sure to go check it yourself to see if you made any errors.

If you've reached this point and you're stuck, please contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk by sending us an email.

(ONID) Protecting ONID Web Directories

Protecting ONID Web Directories

  1. Create a text file named .htaccess with the following contents:

    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "Password Required"
    AuthUserFile /users/{uX}/{a}/{username}/.htpasswd
    require valid-user

    Replace {a} with the first letter of your username. This must be lowercase.
    Replace {username} with your ONID username.
    Replace {uX} with the user group that you are in.
    Login using SSH? and type "pwd". Using WinSCP you can find this information above the file list of your ONID directory. Lastly, you can guess, there should only be u1 and u2.

    You will need to save this txt doc as .htaccess, or so that the name is blank, and the file extension is of type .htaccess.
  2. Connect to ONID ( via SSH. Basic directions can be found by following the previous link. You will have to use the SSH Secure Shell client to connect and get a shell prompt.
  3. At the shell:~> prompt type htpasswd -c .htpasswd {username} and press enter to create the .htpasswd file in your home directory. Replace {username} with the username you would like to user for web authentication. Note: If you wish to password protect another directory, type cd {directory path} before you create the .htpasswd file. Replace {directory path} with the directory path e.g. public_html/spring2010/assignments
  4. Type the password you would like to use.
  5. Retype the password you would like to use.
  6. Move the .htaccess file from your computer to the directory you wish to password protect.

(ONID) Unix and Shell Access


UNIX, an operating system developed by Bell Labs, is still regarded as one of the most powerful, versatile, and flexible operating systems in the world -- now over three decades after its birth. Its popularity and success are due to many factors, including its ability to run on a wide variety of machines, and its portability. UNIX is best described as simple, powerful, and elegant.

UNIX has many basic commands that let you modify and create files by using various system commands. These commands are entered at a prompt. The prompt looks something like this:


Webmonkey hosts a great UNIX reference page. You should take a look around to get familiar with basic UNIX commands:

Webmonkey UNIX Guide

Shell Access:

The ONID shell server is

For more information, visit SSH (Secure Shell).

Once you remotely connect to the server using SSH, you encounter the world of UNIX. The following information is meant to help you develop a background in UNIX and become familiar with its capabilities.

Banner Self-Service

What is my Banner Self-Service Account?

The Banner Self-Service account is an account that is primarily used by Alumni and previous employees, as well as prospective students. The main purpose of this account is to help prospective students manage their financial aid and help Alumni setup their lifetime email addresses, as well as obtain academic transcripts or W2 forms. Current students can use their ONID account to log in instead of their OSU ID? number and GAP. 

OSU ID Number - Your OSU ID Number is a unique individual number assigned to you by the University used to identify you in University records.  You will use this number to log in to Online Services to obtain your records and register for classes.

GAP (General Access PIN) - This is a six digit number that you will set and use along with your OSU ID Number. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR GAP!

How To Obtain An OSU ID/GAP

An OSU ID and GAP will be assigned to you when you become affiliated with the University.  Students will receive their ID and GAP from their admissions information, and employees will receive their OSU ID and GAP from their department contact, new hire paperwork, or Human Resources.

(Self-Service) Student Registration and Records

Student Registration and Records

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar handles information about student registration and records including printable forms for transcript requests, grading changes, add/drop, confidentiality, enrollment verification, rules and regulations, courses & advising, and more. They can be contacted by phone at 541-737-4331 or by e-mail at

Online Services

Student online services provides a place to register for classes online, change your pin, display your grades, receive your account summary, view holds, view transcripts, view or update your address. It includes your personal Financial Aid & Scholarship Information. You can check your award and scholarship status, view academic progress, check outstanding document requirements, review awards and award history, verify enrollment and degrees. You can access online services here.

Logging in to Online Services

To log in to this site you will need to use your OSU ID? number and your GAP? or General Access Pin. You can find your ID number on you ID card or by calling the Registrars office. If you don't have your ID number you can also use your SSN to log in instead.

(Self-Service) Financial Aid Award Information

Financial Aid Award Information

As a prospective or current student, it is important to be able to accept your Financial Aid award information. Below is how to access that information using the Banner Self-Service method:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with you OSU ID? number and GAP? (instead of your ONID Username and Password. Your GAP, by default, is your birthday in the form of MMDDYY)
  3. Click on Financial Aid
  4. Click on My Overall Status of Financial Aid
  5. Select the current year from the drop down
  6. All of the information you have access to is available here

If you have any questions or concerns about how to access this information, feel free to contact the Service Desk at 541-737-8787. 

If you have questions regarding the specifics found within your award letter, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 541-737-2241.

(Self-Service) Forgot OSU ID Number

Forgot OSU ID? Number

If you need to use your OSU ID and are unable to find it, you can use the following items to attempt to retrieve it.

  1. If you are a current student or employee and remember what your ONID password is:
    Use the instructions for finding your ONID username.
    Proceed to step D.

  2.  If you are a current student or employee and DO NOT remember your ONID password or GAP?.
    Student: Call the Registrar's Office by phone at: 541-737-4331.
    Employees: Call the OSU Computer Helpdesk by phone at: 541-737-3474.
    The support person will be able to help you to use the forgot GAP form or reset your GAP if needed.

  3. If you are an incomming student and need assistance
    Call the Office of Admissions at: 541-737-4411 

  4. Once you are logged into Online Services.
    Click on: Personal Information.
    Then click: Display OSU ID.

(Self-Service) Lifetime E-mail Address

What is a Lifetime E-mail Address?

Oregon State University provides a lifetime e-mail forwarding address for alumni. The format of this e-mail address is  "", where you choose your own username. E-mail sent to this account will be automatically forwarded to another account of your choice.  

Note: ONID accounts are NOT lifetime addresses and do NOT forward mail to your Lifetime E-mail address.

Your ONID, ENGR, and all other accounts will be deactivated after you graduate or stop taking classes. Mail sent to these accounts after they are deleted will be bounced back. For more information about ONID account deactivation, please see this page. Information about engineering account terminations can be found here.

Who Has Access?

Any graduate of Oregon State University can sign up for this free e-mail alias.

Lifetime E-mail Address Setup

  1. Open a web browser such as, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.
  2. Go to the Online Services login:
  3. Enter your OSU ID? number or SSN in the ONID username field and GAP? number in the ONID password field to log in.
  4. Once you have successfully logged in, click on the “Lifetime Email Address Update” link at the bottom of the page.
  5. Enter your desired Lifetime E-mail Address and the destination e-mail Address you would like messages forwarded to.
  6. Click the “Update E-mail Address(es)” button and you are finished!

For information about the expiration of ONID accounts, visit this page.

Alumni who Graduated from 1992 to the Present

OSU Alumni who graduated in 1992 or anytime since 1992 will need to go to OSU Online Services and log in to your student account. Alumni will need to use their Social Security Number for their OSU ID number. Once you have logged in to the OSU Student Online Services website, you will find a link to Student Records in the menu, which will lead you to the Lifetime E-mail account set up.

Alumni who Graduated Before 1992

If you graduated before 1992 you will need to fill out the Lifetime E-mail Information Request form to set up your Lifetime E-mail forwarding account.

Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Faculty retain their ONID (formerly UCS) e-mail account indefinitely. Retention of Exchange?/Outlook e-mail accounts is at the discretion of the appointing Department.

Retired Non-Emeritus Faculty, Staff, and Students who do not Graduate

OSU does not provide a Lifetime E-mail address or permanent e-mail forwarding for Non-Emeritus Faculty or Staff who leave the University. Nor does OSU provide permanent e-mail forwarding for students who leave without graduating. Two terms of e-mail forwarding is provided before inactive ONID accounts are deleted. See ONID account expiration document for a more detailed explanation.

(Self-Service) Obtaining W2s

Obtaining W2s

As an employee or previous employee, it is important to be able to access your W2s so that the government does not get upset. Below is how to access that information using the Banner Self-Service method:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with you OSU ID? number and GAP? (instead of your ONID Username and Password)
  3. Click on the Employee tab at the top of the page
  4. Click on Tax Forms 
  5. All of the information you have access to is available here

If you have any questions or concerns about how to access this information, feel free to contact the Service Desk at 541-737-8787. 

If you have questions regarding the specifics found within your Banner Self-Service, you will want to get into contact with your previous business center. 

(Self-Service) Online Services

Online Services

Online Services provides access to Oregon State specific webpages such as MyOSU, Online Service Login, My Degrees. Online services also is where you will edit an personal contact information or request transcripts.

What is myOSU?

The myOSU portal application is designed to bring information about Oregon State University resources and services to a central location. Employees and students will be able to access many campus resources from OSU Single Sign On after entering their ONID username and password one time on the OSU Login page. Please be aware that OSU resources are being incorporated into this single sign-on process.

What is the Online Service Login?

Student online services provides a place to register for classes online, change your pin, display your grades, receive your account summary, view holds, view transcripts, view or update your address. It includes your personal Financial Aid & Scholarship Information. You can check your award and scholarship status, view academic progress, check outstanding document requirements, review awards and award history, verify enrollment and degrees. You can access online services here.  

What is MyDegrees?

MyDegrees is a web-based degree checklist program and academic advising tool designed to assist students and advisors in reviewing degree progress. It organizes a student's academic transcript chronologically and categorically, identifying courses they have completed and courses still needed to fulfill the degree requirements.

Major features of the system include:

  • Degree Checklist—See a visual presentation of degree progress.
  • 'What if' ScenariosDetermine how courses already taken apply to other majors.
  • Student Educational PlansPlan which courses to take and when to support degree progress
  • Checklist NotesRecord important reminders and advice related to degree progress.
  • GPA CalculatorCalculate GPA by term and overall.
  • Ability to collect data to support course forecasting and course demand.

Student access to MyDegrees: Log into MyOSU, click on Student tab, under My Student Stuff click "MyDegrees", then click the Submit MyDegrees box.

(Self-Service) Resetting/Changing GAP

How To Reset/Change Your GAP?

If you know your current OSU ID?/GAP

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your current OSU ID and GAP.
  3. Click Personal Information.
  4. Click Change General Access PIN (GAP).
  5. Follow the steps to changing your GAP.

If you do not know your current OSU ID

Students - Please contact the Registrar at (541) 737-4331

Employees - If you know your OSU ID, but not your GAP, contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk at (541) 737-3474. If you do not know your OSU ID, please contact Center for HR Systems and Technology at (541) 737-8300.

Active/Online Directory Changes

Employee data in the Online directory

The online directory displays your official employee directory data.  The data is displayed at and on your ONID account in the OSU global email address list.  The data in your directory profile is maintained by multiple organizations.  This document provides instructions how to update each field of your employee data.



Students must contact the registrar to update their name.  Please the the Registrar's page on Biographical Information Change Requests for instructions


Employees may request a legal or preferred name change from their Business Center Human Resources department.  Instructions are found on the Campus Directory Profile page


If the displayed title is incorrect, send an e-mail to your Business Center with your new information. If your title is not displayed, your will need to update your Banner directory profile

Department, Department Mailing Address

This data is maintained by Human Resources.  To update, send an e-mail to your Business Center with your new information.

Office Phone Number, Alternate Phone Number, Office Address

These fields are maintained by Telecom.  If they are not displayed or you need to update them, please have your telephone coordinator contact Telecom with directory udpates.

Email Address

Your Banner Preferred email address is displayed on your profile.  If the address displayed is incorrect, you will need to ensure your preferred email address is set correctly.  If your email address is not displayed, you will need to update your Banner directory profile.


Updating your Banner directory profile 

Log in to OSU Employee Online Services, go to the Personal Information menu, and select Directory Profile.  For the Employee Position title and Directory Email to display in the directory, ensure the box next to these fields are checked and select "Submit Changes".

Preparing for Unification

Preparing Your Account For Unification

Please do the following things in preparation for unification of your accounts

  1. Password
    1. If your ONID password is not the same as the password for your CN or departmental (Science, ENGR, etc) domain account, please change one of them so they both match
      1. ONID Password Change Instructions
      2. Domain Password Change Instructions
  2. Windows Users
    1. Log out of your computer when you leave for the day
  3. CN Lite Users
    1. If you use CN Lite, log out when you're done for the day.  Don't just close the window, go to the Start menu and choose Log Off


After Your Accounts are Unified:

  1. Mobile Devices
    1. Configure email and calendar settings on your device and ensure the username is set to Instructions for configuration can be found on helpdocs
    2. Update passwords if you changed them in preparation for unification.
  2. Computer
    1. Windows (including CN Lite)
      1. Login to your computer using as the username.
        1. If you are using Windows 7, you'll need to click the "Change User" button at the login screen
      2. Continue to login with this user name in the future
      3. If you have trouble logging in the day after unfication, try shutting down your computer and restarting it.
    2. Apple
      1. Check your keychain and change the credentials for anything that is saved as domain\username to
  3. ONID alternate contact information and email forwarding
    1. Go to the ONID website ( and click Login to ONID
    2. Click Alternate Contact Info to review and set your information
      1. Do not use your email address as the alternate contact
    3. Click Manage Mail
      1. If you do not regularly check your ONID email account, it is strongly recommended that you forward it to your primary email account.
        1. Enter or change your email address that you wish to forward to under "Mail Forwarding"
        2. Click the "Set Mail Forwarding" button
  4. Directory Information
    1. Go to the OSU Online Directory ( and review your entry. The data displayed in the directory is the same information that will be available on you entry in the OSU email address book.
      1. Name
        1. If this is not how you would like your name displayed, you can set a preferred name with Human Resources by following the instructions for Preferred Name (Nickname) Changes
      2. All other fields
        1. Follow the instructions for ONID Directory Changes

Backing up Office 365 OneDrive - Windows

The information in this helpdoc is relevant to username changes and account unification.

To resynchronize your OneDrive folder after a username change in Office 365, use the following steps:

1. In the system tray in Windows, right click on the OneDrive cloud icon

office365 onedrive resync step 1

2. Select "Stop syncing a folder"

Office365 onedrive resyncing step 2


3. Select the folder(s) that contain your OneDrive content.  Confirm that you wish to stop syncing the folder(s)

If your username change is complete, use the following steps to reactivate your OneDrive sync

1. In the system tray on windows, right click on the OneDrive cloud icon and select "Sync a new library"

office365 onedrive resyncing step 3


2. On the Ready to Sync screen, Select "Change"

Office365 onedrive resyncing step 4


3. Navigate to and select your previously synced OneDrive folder and click "OK"

Office365 onedrive resyncing step 5


4. Click "Sync Now".  Your files will begin syncing again and will be synchornized once more between OneDrive and you Windows computer

Previous Students/Employees

This section is specifically for Alumni and previous employees. Once you are no longer affiliated with Oregon State University, you lose access to a lot of resources, but you still have the fundamentals. Most of what you have access to is for official documentation. Emeritus employees will have access to more utilities than what is below, based on what their department has given them.

What accounts do I have access to?

What mailboxes do I have access to?

What are a couple useful things to know?

What are the main resources I have?