Paying For College

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Paying For College Page

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Who is qualified to view this content?

All Oregon State University students, except for those in the INTO program.

What information is available?

A wealth of knowledge, ranging from finding financial aid tips, to assistance in estimating the Cost of Attendance at Oregon State University. You can also find a host of links to campus financial services, and even tutorials online to assist with utilizing your Orange Card, or to help you pay for your term at OSU.

What portlets are available?

My OSU Student Account: See a display of account balances for term-related charges and nonterm-related charges.

Financial Services (Managing my $): This quick-link box contains links to almost any form necessary to pay your bill, check your tax information, or request an emergency loan.

Important Dates: A calendar of upcoming events and dates students should be mindful of.

Questions? Email us!: A one-stop location for multiple help email addresses.

Cost of Attendance: View the current cost of attentence, as well as calculators, tables, and services all aimed to help explain how much enrollment will cost.

Student Employment Opportunities: Links to multiple campus sponsored job search tools.

Financial Aid Requirements: The status of requirements for your financial aid, provided by the Financial Aid Office.

Financial Aid Awards: This portlet provides many resources to help you understand your finanical aid rewards.

Financial Aid & Scholarships: Useful FAQs about federal and state assistance, international scholarships, and local scholarships.