Using Wireless at Portland State University

Members of the Oregon State University Community are able to use wireless networking at Portland State University and the University of Oregon as part of an agreement among these institutions.  Please carefully follow the instructions below to use your ONID account to get on PSU wireless.

Step 1: Connect to the right wireless network. 

You should choose the wireless network named "PSU" (Not the one labeled "PSU Secure").  See illustration below.  Your network list may look somewhat different.

 Pictur of wireless networks at PSU

Step 2: How to use your ONID password

Once you have connected to the correct network you will need to authenticate (i.e. log in).  To do that, open any web browser and go to (any other site will do as well).  A login screen will then present itself:

PSU wireless login screen

Here you will login with your ONID credentials, but in a slightly different way: for the  user name, use your ONID username and append "@onid"  Be very careful not to append any more than just "@onid"   If you also append "" the process will fail.

Example: username@onid

If you have typed in your credentials correctly you will now how access to the internet through the PSU wireless network.

Step 3: Initiate a VPN? connection to OSU.  (Optional but recommended)

While this step is not strictly mandatory, it is highly recommended as it will offer two major advantages. First, it will make sure your Internet activity is safe from eavesdropping.  As is the case with many wireless networks, the PSU network is not encrypted, so anyone within broadcast range of your computer may be able to see much of what you do on the Internet.  The VPN eliminates this problem.  Second, using the VPN will give you broader access to OSU resources than you would otherwise have.  Click here for more information on the OSU VPN.