Windows Vista/7 Updates

Microsoft periodically releases security patches for Windows operating systems. Downloading and installing these updates will help protect your computer from viruses and threats. All you need to install updates on your computer is an active internet connection, and the instructions below:

All of the images below can be clicked on if you need a larger view.

Step 1Start Menu

Click the Start circle at the bottom left of your desktop.

Click the All Programs option at the bottom of the menu.

Step 2Windows Update Link

Click the Windows Update option in this list.

Note: If a link for Windows Updates does not appear in this list, you can always access it by opening up the Control Panel.

Step 3Check for Updates

A separate window should open. When it does, select the Check for Updates option on the left-hand menu. Windows will then go online and check for available updates.

Step 4Updates Results

When the check for updates is finished, Windows will display a screen similar to this one, letting you know how many updates were found.

Note: if no updates are found at this point, you already have all the latest updates installed.

If you notice that the number of updates available and the number of updates selected is different (as it is on the screenshot to the right), or there are optional updates available, you should click on the link to view the list of updates and select any that are missing.

Note: Sometimes Windows will leave certain updates un-selected if they are large and will take longer to install. These are still important updates, and should be installed if you have the time to let your computer sit and install them.

If it already says you have all the updates selected, you can skip to step 6.

Step 5Update List

This screen should display a list of available updates. Check the box at the very top (the one above the list). This will select all the updates in the list for installation.

If you have optional updates available, you can click the Optional tab on the left to view them. If you see things like language packs or toolbars (like the Bing desktop toolbar), you can leave them un-checked because they are optional software. If you see any general updates in this list, it is a good idea to check the box next to them for installation.

Click the OK button when you are finished selecting updates

Step 6Install Updates

You should now be looking at the same screen as Step 4. Click the Install Updates button, and Windows will begin downloading and installing your updates.

Step 7Updates Progress Bar

You will see a progress bar similar to the one on the screenshot to the right. This will show you the current progress. Once the progress bar is full, Windows will be finished installing your updates!

Note: Windows may ask you to restart your computer when updates are done. If it does, it is a good itea to restart right away. Also, if you had a lot of updates to install, you should run through the steps on this page again after your computer restarts, as additinal updates may become available after installation.