Wireless Registration

Wireless registration allows customers to automatically connect to a wireless network on campus without having to repeatedly sign in. To register your device log into our Wireless Registration tool and follow the instructions below:

Before you begin, find your Wireless Hardware Address.

  1. Turn on and log into your laptop or device.
  2. Connect to the unsecured OSU_Access wireless network. 
    1. Note - Using OSU Secure is the preferred and recommended wireless connection.
  3. Open your preferred web browser.
  4. Your web browser will be automatically redirected to the OSU Wireless Network Authentication Page.
  5. Click Here and log in with your ONID username and password. (It may seem like the link just loops back to the same page - don't worry about that and log in.)

  6. Wireless Registration

  7. Read through the acceptable use policy, check the box at the bottom of the page indicating your compliance with the use policies as well as the box affirming you understand that illegal file sharing is not allowed on the OSU Wireless Network, and then click I agree box.
  8. wireless network policy

  9. On the next screen, enter in a name for your device and its hardware address (It should look like this “00:60:08:9A:42:AD”). Click Register to submit your changes.
  10. enter hardware address

  11. Wait 5-10 minutes for your computer to be registered. If you want to use the internet immediately you can use the temporary login on the starting registration page.
  12. Congratulations! You are now registered permanently on the OSU wireless network.