What is available?

OSU used to give out a disc with software that is handy to have and use for classes and work. This disc was produced by the OSU Computer Helpdesk, but now all that software can be found online on this page. You will need a valid ONID account to access this software.


What OSU provides...

OSU students, staff, and faculty with an ONID account have access to StatGraphics Centurion XV and Cisco VPN? software for download.


These software applications are the only "non-freeware" applications that are available for those affiliated with OSU.


You will need a valid ONID account login in order to get to the software.

Visit our secure website and log in with your ONID credentials to gain access to it. Read the warning at the bottom of the page regarding StatGraphics Centurion XVI and XV, then press "I agree" to continue. Be sure to follow all the directions on the website and to include the organization when installing Statgraphics.


You can obtain the Cisco VPN software here.

You will need a valid ONID account login in order to get to the software.


We have create a set of recommend solutions of anti-virus for the common anti-virus platforms. Our main anti-virus software page can be found here. You can find out how to install them and their basic uses at these pages:

Freeware recommended by OSU:

Windows Software

The following software is available for Windows Vista/7/8:

Macintosh OS X Software

The following software is available for Macintosh OS X:


This software is licensed by Oregon State University for Students and Employees to install on personally owned computers.

If you need software for a University owned computer please check with your Department Computer Administrator (DCA) or visit the software distribution website.

When asked, please enter your domain followed by your username in the username field. For example, ONID users will insert ONID\onidusername in the username field when prompted for authentication.


This software is licensed for use by current OSU employees and students on personally owned computers. To comply with the license agreement, this software must be removed from personal computers once you are no longer employed at OSU, or are no longer a registered student. It is illegal for you to utilize this software once you are not associated with OSU.

By clicking I agree below you are agreeing to the terms above.

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StatGraphics Centurion XVI

Click here to show available downloads
StatGraphics Download Serial #
Windows 32-bit KAB0-AB0A-C6C0-YK0E-3EM2
64-bit LAA0-9B0A-0DC0-YK0E-3EM3

Organization: You must put Oregon State University in the Organization field when installing StatGraphics.

Warranty and License - This is the license agreement

README.txt - Tips and hints from the vendor.

For further information, please visit the StatGraphics website.