What is WebEx?

WebEx is a web collaboration tool, allowing for up to 1000 people to meet simultaneously. It has the features of many of the web collaboration tools (screen sharing, audio/video conferencing, file sharing, IM chat, etc…). OSU has purchased a site license, effectively giving all staff/faculty their own account to host conferences, as well as 33,000 student licenses (truncated version of staff account – only can connect 8 people when hosted by a student account). A license is only needed to host a session, therefore non-OSU people can join an OSU WebEx session without requiring their own license. We also have the ability to bring in standards-based video conferencing (i.e. Polycom or Cisco room-based video system) endpoints into the WebEx session. This will require additional technical assistance (via that department’s DCA? or tech lead) to set up and schedule.

WebEx - New User Training Video (1 Hour) - https://media.oregonstate.edu/media/t/0_ys2vctfr

Who can use WebEx?

Any non-student OSU employee will have access to a full WebEx license, and all OSU students will have access to a slightly reduced-function student license. Student-workers may get access to a full employee version if there is sound reasoning behind that. Please contact MCS to request that access (conference.center@oregonstate.edu)

Why use WebEx?

WebEx is the most-frequently used web collaboration tool on the market today. There are outstanding features available through WebEx, including the ability to include a room-based video conferencing endpoint into the session. Not only is the tool very powerful, it is centrally supported and funded by OSU, making this a tool you should feel comfortable using – both from a quality standpoint, and a support standpoint.

How can I sign up for WebEx?

All you have to do is go to http://oregonstate.webex.com/ and click the “Log In” button on the top right-hand corner. This will redirect you to the OSU Login page, and the act of inputting your user name and password will create your account for you. For students, visit http://oregonstate-students.webex.com

How is the service accessed?

Meetings are scheduled using Outlook or the OSU WebEx URL (oregonstate.webex.com or oregonstate-students.webex.com). The scheduling of a meeting generates a URL for the other attendees to use to connect to the conference. If/when it is required to bring in a Polycom/Cisco room-based video endpoint, the user should talk with their DCA to schedule that, this is needs to be done during the initial setup of the meeting to create the correct meeting URL.  A new meeting URL will have to be created if they decide to add video endpoints after the initial meeting is created.

What if I need help with WebEx?

If you are having any issues logging in or accessing your WebEx account, you will want to contact the Service Desk:

Oregon State Service Desk
Phone: 541-737-8787

 If you are looking for information on how to use WebEx or you are having a technical issue within the program, you will want to get into contact with the WebEx support team: 

WebEx Technical Support 

Website: https://support.webex.com/support/manage-ticket.html
Phone: US and Canada Toll-Free 1-866-229-3239

International Toll +1 916-636-9000

Website: help.webex.com

Additional Info: support.webex.com

Toll-Free calling within WebEx Platform:

Information on Toll-Free Calling

Additional Tools and Guides:

WebEx Meeting Center - Getting Started - Windows

WebEx Meeting Center - Getting Started - Mac

WebEx - How To's

WebEx - Knowledge Base

WebEx - Productivity Tools

WebEx - Using Your Web Cam


(WebEx) Connecting Audio

Broken Audio

If audio is not working in your WebEx session, don’t forget that you MUST connect to the audio portion of the session either through your Computer (“Call Using Computer”), or your telephone (Click “More Options”, and select “I Will Call In”).



For Telephone Access:



If you still cannot get your computer to connect to the audio, you may need to change the audio source on your computer.

Click the “Audio” tab at the top of the screen, and select “Computer Audio Settings”. This will pull up a new window that allows you to drop down choices for the speakers and microphone. Select your best option, and click “OK”.


Note: When you click the “Test” button, you should hear the WebEx jingle (a roughly 3 second series of tones) through your speakers. Speaking into your microphone will show audio levels under the Microphone pull-down menu.



If you are still having problems, please contact your support team to assist with adjusting audio on your specific device (laptop, PC, Mac, phone, tablet, etc.). 

(WebEx) Installing Productivity Tools

Installing Productivity Tools


Step 1:  Go to http://oregonstate.webex.com/


Step 2:  Log in using your ONID credentials by clicking on the “Log In” button in the top right-hand corner of the page (which should take you to the OSU Login page)



Step 3:  Now you should be logged in to your WebEx page. Click on the tab on the top of the screen that says “Meeting Center”, and then click the “Downloads” button on the bottom left-hand sidebar on the screen (located in the “Support” drop-down on the left sidebar)




Step 4:  Choose the operating system you have (e.g. Windows or Mac), and then click “Download”



Step 5:  Once that has downloaded and auto-installed, it should open the tool. To configure it, you’ll need to click the “Edit WebEx Settings” on the bottom of the tool.



Step 6:  Fill out only the site URL, which should be: oregonstate.webex.com. The User Name and Password should be left blank. Check the button that says “Remember my password” before you hit “Login”. This should bring up the ONID login page, which you’ll need to login to. This should be the last time you will have to log in for use of Productivity Tools.




NOTE:   You may need to restart your computer before these changes take effect.

(WebEx) Scheduleing Alternate Host

Toll-Free Calling

How to Schedule an Alternate Host:


Video Tutorial: How to Schedule an Alternate Host


1)  Log in at oregonstate.webex.com

2) Click Meeting Center

3) Click  “Schedule a Meeting” under ‘Host a Meeting’ header

4) Click “Advanced Scheduler”



5)  Enter a title and work through the steps until you get to bubble number 4



    6)  Click "Select Attendees" and a pop-up window will appear.



    7)  From the Source dropdown select "Personal Contacts"

    8) Click "New Contact" and a pop-up appears



    9) Enter Full name and users ONID email address. (Note: Alternate host MUST have a WebEx account. They are required to have logged into WebEx at least once before you can schedule them as an alternate host. Email format is: {ONID Username}@oregonstate.edu)



    10) Click “Add” and it takes you back to the Select Attendees window

          11)  The new contact will be on the left side of the window

          12)  Single click the added person’s name

           13)  Select “Alternate Host >” and name moves to the right



(WebEx) Signing in to WebEx

How to Sign Into WebEx

    Video Tutorial: How to Sign Into WebEx

  1. Visit Oregonstate.WebEx.com
  2. Click "Log In"

  3. Enter username and password then click "Log In"

(WebEx) Toll-Free Calling

Toll-Free Calling

By default, users are provided access to VoIP audio (audio services embedded within the WebEx user interface), as well as audio accessed via phone by calling a number in the San Francisco Bay Area (1-415-xxx-xxxx). Both of these calling methods are covered financially by the university.



If you need a toll-free number for your users, you may opt-in to toll-free service. To do so, please send your request to conference.center@oregonstate.edu with the following information:

            - Names of those who need toll-free access.

            - The department to which those fees will be billed.

            - The billing Index to which those fees will be billed.



The cost for toll-free service is $.09/minute per caller. All charges are billed to the host and there is no way to break that into multiple charges or indexes. So, if you host a 60-minute meeting that has 10 participants who call in via toll-free, you will incur a charge of $54 for your department (10 people X $.09 X 60 minutes).



If you simply need a toll-free conference calling method with the need to use web collaboration (document sharing, video conferencing, etc.), OSU can provide this to you at a lower cost. Please inquire with conference.center@oregonstate.edu for details and options.



It does seem counter-intuitive that toll-free would cost the University more than a toll call, but it’s absolutely the case. The reason is because in order to gain full functionality of the WebEx service, using their conference bridge infrastructure makes the most sense. However, we need to pay for access to that service on a per-minute/per-caller basis. The toll-free ability just adds the additional cost for the 800# (someone’s got to pay for it, and it’s not going to be WebEx!) that calls into exactly the same place the toll number does.


OSU pays roughly $.01/minute for long distance calling from calls generated from OSU to a non-OSU site. The cost for a toll call to WebEx is $.04. So it costs the University about $.05/minute to use the toll calling method. That is much better than the $.09/minute for toll-free.

(WebEx) Video Conferencing Unit (WET)

Video Conferencing Equipment (WET)

Before you begin setting up a WebEx with Video Conferencing Equipment conference, please ensure that you have visited oregonstate.webex.com and have logged in. This will automatically create a WebEx account for you.


1) Open a web browser and navigate tohttps://webex.oregonstate.edu

2) Enter ONID username and password. Some browsers require “onid\” and some do not.

3) Click Log In

4) Click Smart Scheduler icon


5) Click the green New button


6) Enter the meeting title and select the Start and End date/time

*The meeting will start and end at the exact times that you enter. It does NOT auto-extend the meeting based on use.


7) Click in the Add Telepresence Rooms box and type in the room name

8) Select the room and it should place it in the list below the search box

9) If you cannot find your room or need to have a video/audio site dial in, select the 3 horizontal lines button.

10) Increase the number of video or audio participants as needed. Even though it says SIP call-in, H323 or IP address? dialing does work as well.


12) Click WebEx and then the box next to Enable WebEx. A meeting password is OPTIONAL


13) Click the green Save button


14You will be forwarded to a page with the conference you just scheduled


15) You can click the meeting title to edit/make changes to the scheduled meeting.


You will recieve 3 confirmation emails, 2 of them are for your records and the email with "Forward to others" in the subject line is the one you would send to people who need to join the WebEx session.


Please note:

If you need a WebEx Enabled TelePresence (WET) meeting recorded, please email conference.center@oregonstate.edu after scheduling/saving the meeting. Include the meeting title, date/time and meeting number for the meeting that needs to be recorded. MCS will reply back with instructions on how to edit and add the recording profile to your meeting.

If a WET meeting is setup with a "Recording Profile", all video, audio and content will be recorded. If you click the "Record" button within a WebEx session (from computer) during a WET meeting you will only record the audio and content, no video is captured. In a WebEx session without any TelePresence, the "Record" button does capture all audio, content and video.

(WebEx) WebEx ONLY Sessions

How To Join a WebEx ONLY Session

Cisco WebEx Meetings for Desktop

Click the link in your email to join a meeting.

OR visit https://oregonstate.webex.com and enter the meeting number. (Login not required)

A sign in box will pop up, type your name as you wish it to be displayed in your meeting.

Enter your email address.

Click Join.

Click Connect to Audio to join the audio conference.

Use the chat panel to communicate with others in the meeting.


Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPhone/iPad

Download/Install Cisco WebEx Meetings from App Store.

Tap the meeting link in your email.

OR Open the app and enter the meeting number, and enter your name and email address.

To join the audio conference, click connect using internet.

You will be using your mobile device data plan unless you are on a Wi-Fi connection


Cisco WebEx Meetings for Android Phones/Tablets

Download/Install Cisco WebEx Meetings Google Play Amazon Appstore for Android


Tap the meeting link in your email.

OR Open the app and tap Join by Number.

Enter the meeting number, your name, and your email address.

Then tap Join. To join the audio conference, tap audio connection, then tap Connect using Internet.

You will be using your mobile device data plan unless you are on a Wi-Fi connection.


Cisco WebEx Meetings for BlackBerry

Download/Install Cisco WebEx Meetings from BlackBerry World.

Tap the meeting link in your email.

OR Open the app and enter your name and the meeting number provided in the meeting invitation.

Then tap Join.

To join the audio conference, tap the audio option, then tap Connect Using Internet.

You will be using your mobile device data plan unless you are on a Wi-Fi connection.


Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows Phone 8

Download/Install Cisco WebEx Meetings from Windows Phone store, Apps+Games.

Tap the meeting link in your email.

OR Tap the WebEx Meetings tile , then tap join by number.

Enter the number provided in the email invitation, your name, and your email address.

Then, tap join.

To join the audio conference, tap connect to audio. 

Select connect using internet.

You will be using your mobile device data plan unless you are on a Wi-Fi connection.


For more information…

Cisco WebEx Documentation


Videoconference Support

Managed Communication Services


Test Site


Academic Technology

Kristina Case and/or Raul Burriel


(WebEx) Additional Videos

How-To Videos

Logging into WebEx

Adding an Alternate Host to your WebEx session

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the Service Desk!