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ONID has a lot of powerful features, and is tied to many aspects of campus life.

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How do I sign in to ONID?

Most of the student online resources at Oregon State use the ONID credentials. This includes Blackboard, ONID Webmail, Online Services, and the ONID settings page.

After completing the sign up for ONID, the last page will display your ONID Username. This generally takes the form of your last name followed by the first letter of your first name, but will vary depending on the length of your name, and if you have a common name.

When signing in with your ONID, make sure and only use your ONID username, and not your full email. For example, if your name is 'John Doe', and your ONID username is 'doej', you would use 'doej' as the username whenever signing in. You will have problems signing in if you try and use your student ID number (931-XXX-XXX). Your password will be the same one you created when registering for ONID.

Here are some common areas you will use your ONID account as a login:

How do I manage my ONID Class Groups?

As an instructor, you can visit lists.oregonstate.edu/classgroups/ to view, modify, and manage your Class Groups.

How do I change my ONID Username?

ONID accounts are created for incoming freshmen, and new faculty members. In the course of four (or more!) years with Oregon State, it is quite common for account changes to be required. If you are in need of changing your ONID username, read more on our Name Changes page.

How does ONID printing work?

To recover the costs of wasted paper, Information Services implemented a system that charges students for basic printing.

For some brief tips on how to print conservatively, please refer to this URL: http://osulibrary.oregonstate.edu/computing/printtips.htm

Printing on campus breaks down into two categories. Click on their respective links to access up to date policy information:

Printing policies in college-specific labs also vary. See the lab consultant or college home page for more details.

Details for how to view your Printing history can by found on the MyONID page.

What about ONID web services?

With ONID, you can create, maintain, and control a personal website hosted right on Oregon State servers! Oregon State now has 2GB (per user) of space that can be used for blogging, forums, galleries, or even coursework. These sites are hosted at people.oregonstate.edu/

How do I publish a website?

Creating a website on the ONID web servers is a fairly straightforward (albeit technical) process, and we have outlined what to do on our publishing Your Web Site page.

How do I access the ONID Shell?

ONID has provided a shell server with which to connect, so that students can have some hands on experience with Unix without having to create their own Unix computer. Again, this is a fairly technical topic, so we have outlined the process on our Shell/Unix page.

What kind of traffic does ONID get?

While this is a difficult question to answer, as it changes from day to day, ONID has a fully detailed view of of the server statistics, ranging from what domains lead to Oregon State, what browsers people are using, and much more. If you're interested in any kind of technical server traffic, check out ONID's Web Statistics.

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