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The instructions below assume the user has the latest service pack installed for Office 2003 (Service Pack 3). If you do not have the latest service pack (or are not sure), you can download service pack 3 for free from Microsoft's webste, or you can install it through Windows Updates.

There are two options available when setting up Microsoft Outlook 2003 to check your email:

Set up an Exchange connection to the OSU Email Server

An Exchange connection provides the most features and easiest access to your email. This is the preferred method if you are on-campus (desktop machine), off-campus (home machine), or both (portable computer). Instructions for this method includes setting up Outlook Anywhere, which enables you to connect to email from on or off campus without setting up VPN?. To set this up in Outlook 2003, follow these instructions:

  1. Open Outlook 2003.
  2. If the "welcome to outlook 2003 setup wizard", appears, click next. If not, you can click Tools, then E-mail Accounts..., then select Add a new e-amil account... and click next.
  3. Select Microsoft exchange server and click next.
  4. On this page, there a multiple steps to complete.
  5. On the "Exchange Server Settings" page, Uncheck Use cached exchange mode.
  6. Enter mapi.oregonstate.edu under the Microsoft exchange server.
  7. Enter your username and click check name.
  8. A password box may open here. If it does, in the User name: box, enter your domain (either cn or fs_mail), followed by a backslash ( \ ), followed by your username. Enter your password in the Password box.
  9. Outlook03_ExchngeServerSettings

  10. Select your name on the list of entries that come up (Should be the top result, do not select ONID).
  11. Outlook03_CheckName

  12. Click ok. The User Name box should be filled in with your last and first name.
  13. Click the More Settings button.
  14. Click the Connection tab.
  15. Under the Exchange over the Internet section, check the box next to Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP
  16. Click on the Exchange Proxy Settings button
  17. A separate settings box will open for proxy settings. Please set up the following options:
    • Under the Use this URL to connect to my proxy server section, type exmail.oregonstate.edu
    • Check the box next to Connect using SSL only
    • Check the box next to Mutually authenticate the session when connecting with SSL and enter msstd:exmail.oregonstate.edu in the box
    • Check the box next to On slow networks, connect using HTTP first
    • Under the Proxy authentication settings section, change the dropdown menu to NTLM Authentication
    • Click the OK button
  18. Outlook 2003 Proxy Settings Outlook Anywhere

  19. Click the Apply button, then click OK
  20. Click the Next button
  21. Click the Finish button
  22. A password popup box may open. Enter your email password and check the Remember my password box if you don't want it to ask you each time you open Outlook.

Outlook should then be set up, and you will be able to access your email on or off campus.

Set up an IMAP connection to the OSU Email Server

These instructions are intended for people that already have an account set up to use IMAP. This method is not recommended because it offers reduced functionality and security compared to an Exchange set up (see directions above). You should only set up with this method if you have trouble setting up your email to connect with Exchange. To set up an IMAP connection:

  1. Open Outlook 2003.
  2. Click Tools.
  3. Click E-mail Accounts...
  4. Select Add a new e-mail account and click Next
  5. Select IMAP from the list of options and click Next.
  6. Under the User Information section:
    • Enter your full name in the Your name: box
    • Enter your full @oregonstate.edu e-mail address in the E-mail Address: box
  7. Under the Server Information section:
    • Incoming mail server (IMAP): exmail.oregonstate.edu
    • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): mail.oregonstate.edu
  8. Under the Logon Information section:
    • Enter your full @oregonstate.edu e-mail address in the User name: box
    • Enter your email password in the Password: box
  9. Click on the More Settings... button
  10. Click on the Outgoing Server tab.
  11. Check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  12. Click Log on using.
  13. Enter your full @oregonstate.edu in the User Name: box, and your e-mail password in the Password: box.
  14. Click on the Advanced tab.
  15. Ensure the INCOMING Server (IMAP) is 993.
  16. Check the box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
  17. Ensure the OUTGOING server (SMTP) is 587.
  18. Check the box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
  19. Click Ok.
  20. Click on Next and then Finish.
  21. You should now have access to your email. Don't forget to click on Send/Receive to update your inbox and send email.

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