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What is my Banner Self-Service Account?

The Banner Self-Service account is an account that is primarily used by Alumni and previous employees, as well as prospective students. The main purpose of this account is to help prospective students manage their financial aid and help Alumni setup their lifetime email addresses, as well as obtain academic transcripts or W2 forms. Current students can use their ONID account to log in instead of their OSU ID? number and GAP. 

OSU ID Number - Your OSU ID Number is a unique individual number assigned to you by the University used to identify you in University records.  You will use this number to log in to Online Services to obtain your records and register for classes.

GAP (General Access PIN) - This is a six digit number that you will set and use along with your OSU ID Number. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR GAP!

How To Obtain An OSU ID/GAP

An OSU ID and GAP will be assigned to you when you become affiliated with the University.  Students will receive their ID and GAP from their admissions information, and employees will receive their OSU ID and GAP from their department contact, new hire paperwork, or Human Resources.

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