Julie Elkins Watson

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Degree Info
Graduation year: 

Aaron Wolf - Geosciences

Current Employment: 

I am currently working on my PhD at Oregon State under Aaron Wolf.  I'm studying how we can better understand structural violence in water resources policy & management and the role of institutions in both reinforcing and rectifying structural violence related to water needs and values.

Memory of OSU: 
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Favorite Memory from OSU: 

Field Geography of Oregon, the field course for incoming water and geography (and in my year, geology) students, was one of my favorite experiences.  I fell in love with Oregon on that trip, and I built many new friendships that carried me through my Master's.  My peers were my friends in the classroom and out- inspiring me, commiserating with me, and making my years as a Master's student some of the most fun years of my life so far! I loved playing on our department soccer team (the Planeteers) and softball team (the GeoBallers).  Beyond my friendships, I had amazing opportunities to travel- first across the PNW & British Columbia while making my documentary on the Columbia River, and then to Israel & Palestine to present my film at a conference on water security.

Advice to incoming/current students: 

Don't shy away from doing something off-beat and creative!  Also, don't succumb to Imposter Syndrome.  Yes, all of your peers are amazing and accomplished, but you are here because someone- probably many people- saw something special in you and wanted you here.  Don't measure yourself against the sum of all your peers' talents and experiences.  Do form friendships, help & inspire one another, and remember to have fun!