Arne Skaugset

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Peavy 259
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Water Resources Engineering
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forest hydrology

Current Research Interests: 
Areas of Interest: 

Pragmatic, applied solutions to environmental problems that result from the intensive management of forested terrain. Two areas of interest are the forest road system and the management of headwater watersheds. In both of these areas there is a special emphasis on the management of landslide-prone headwater watersheds.

For forest roads, research projects include the hydrology of forest roads, road/hillslope interactions, the effect of forest roads on the hydrology of watersheds, forest roads and sediment, and the engineering and design of environmentally effective drainage systems for forest roads.

For landslide-prone terrain, research projects include identifying high-hazard landslide areas, identifying mechanisms and processes that trigger landslides and how management affects them including rainfall intensity, roots, and the canopies of forest vegetation.

For headwater watersheds, research projects include investigating the downstream effects on perennial fish-bearing streams of forest management activities on upstream non-fish bearing streams including effects on flow, temperature, and sediment.

Current Programs: 
  • Propagation of harvesting related stream temperatures downstream during summer low flows in forested headwater streams
  • Attenuation of high intensity rainfall by forest vegetation
  • Hydrology of forest roads
  • The interaction of forest roads and hillslopes
  • Forest roads and watershed hydrology
  • The effect of DEM error and grid resolution on predicting landslide locations using terrain analysis and topographic indices
  • The spatial and temporal variability of rainfall and its influence on the occurrence of landslides
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Finding pragmatic, applied solutions to environmental problems that result from the intensive management of forested terrain, the forest road system, the management of headwater watersheds.