Michael Morrissey

Dr. Michael Morrissey, Emeritus Professor
Food Science and Technology
Emeritus Professor

B.S. - 1970 University of Notre Dame, General Science
M.S. - 1977 University of Wisconsin, Food Chemistry
Ph.D. - 1983 Oregon State University, Food Science and Technology

Professional Activities
Institute of Food Technologists, Pacific Fisheries Technologists, Editorial Board - Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, Food Industry Leadership Center - Board member, Northwest Food Processors Association Technical Committee.

Research Interests: 

General interests include food processing, biochemistry, food safety and traceability and development of value-added products from agricultural and marine resources. Specific interests include working with small to mid-size food processors and entrepreneurs in helping them integrate new technologies and new ideas for product development and market expansion. I have also been active in food science at the international level, especially in Latin America.


Representative Publications
Hicks, DT, Pivarnik, LF, Richard, NL, Gable, RK, Morrissey, MT  2013. Assessing knowledge and attitudes of U.S. healthcare providers about benefits and risks of consuming seafood, J. Food Science Education, 12(4) 75-80.

Fujimaru, T, Ling, Q, Morrissey, MT 2012. Effects of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser Perforation as Skin Pretreatment to Improve Sugar Infusion Process of Frozen Blueberries. Journal of Food Science, 77(2): E45-51.

Hellberg, RS, DeWitt Mireles, C, Morrissey, MT. 2012.  Risk-Benefit analysis of seafood consumption: A review. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety 11(5): 490-517. 

Rasmussen-Hellberg, RS. Naaum, AM, Handy, SM, Hanner, RH, Deeds, JR, Yancy, HF, Morrissey, MT.  2011. Interlaboratory evaluation of a real-time multiplex polymerase chain reaction method for identification of salmon and trout species in commercial products. J. Agric. Food Chem. 59(3) 876-884. 

Hellberg, RS, Morrissey, MT. 2011. Advances in DNA-based techniques for the detection of seafood species substitution on the commercial market. J. Laboratory Automation. 16(4) 308-321. 

Rasmussen RS, Morrissey MT, Hanner RH. 2010. A multiplex PCR method for the identification of commercially important salmon and trout species (Oncorhynchus and Salmo) in North America. Journal of Food Science 75(7): C595-C605.

Rasmussen RS, Morrissey MT, Hebert PDN. 2009. DNA barcoding of commercially important salmon and trout species (Oncorhynchus and Salmo) from North America. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 57: 8379-8385.

Okada, T. and Morrissey, MT. 2008. Production of n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Concentrate from Sardine Oil by Immobilized Candida rugosa Lipase. Journal of Food Science, Vol. 73(3):146-150.

Morrissey, MT  2008. Global resources and market impacts on Pacific Northwest fisheries. Globalizations. Vol. 5 (2): 195–210.

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Thompson, M,  Sylvia, G,  and Morrissey, M.T  2005. Seafood traceability in the U.S.: current trends, systems design, and potential applications. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety. Vol. 1:1-7. 

Noitrup, P., Garnjanagoonchorn, W., and Morrissey, MT.  2005. Fish skin type I collagen: characteristic comparison of albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) and silver-line grunt. Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, 14(1): 17-28.

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