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Beaver Classic™
        From Real Estate to Real OSU Cheese Dr. Lisbeth Goddik with Sandy and Paul Arbuthnot in the OSU dairy plant

Oregon Stater | The Magazine of the Oregon State University Alumni Assocation | Winter 2013

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A LONGTIME OREGON DAIRY FAMILY,  Paul and Sandy Arbuthnot appreciate a great cheese-and the science that goes behind the best dairy practices. So when the couple decided to downsize their real estate holdings, they gave an apartment building to the OSU Foundation to fund an endowed professorship in food sciences. The OSU Foundation manages the property, and income from rent supports the work of Lisbeth Goddik, dairy processing Extension Specialist, recently named as Paul and Sandy Arbuthnot Professor.

“OSU is an essential part of Oregon’s dairy industry,” Paul said. “Working with the OSU Foundation on a gift of real estate enabled Sandy and me to support an incredibly capable, dedicated faculty in helping keep our dairy industry strong.”

Savor EducationWheels and wedges of Beaver Classic cheese stacked against stainless steel milk can
Beaver Classic™ is an Oregon State University original and its first venture product- made by our students with milk from our cows in our state-of-the-art dairy center. An artisan cheese made in the tradition of alpine cheeses from Europe while reflecting the characteristics of the Willamette Valley, Beaver Classic™ has a subtle, nutty taste with creamy, buttery and caramelized flavors.

Thanks to strong demand for Beaver Classic, we’ve developed NEW VARIETIES and further aged some of our cheeses for more intense flavor. When you buy Beaver Classic™, you’re getting more than just fine cheese - you’re giving Oregon State Students an invaluable opportunity and a head start on their future!

Beaver Classic™ Cheese is sold at all home OSU football games and through our online store. Please note that shipping will be suspended from May 1 - October 1 but you may still order online and schedule your order for pick-up.