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Your ambition, our

 support, makes

 Oregon State


 True, college is an investment. A big one. But it also pays off.

 According to PayScale, Oregon State graduates earn a
 median salary of $87,600 at mid-career, the most of any
 public university in the state.

 And you’re not on your own, either. There are scholarships,
 grants, work-study and loans available to help pay for
 college. Many scholarships are funded by generous alumni
 who’ve done well and want to give back. One day, you might
 be able to do the same.



 Most Oregon State students receive some form of financial
 aid. Submit your FAFSA before Feb. 28 and your OSU
 application for admission before Feb. 1 for full consideration
 for scholarships and financial aid. Awards are made shortly
 after being admitted, so apply for both early!



 •  Provost Scholarship: $3,000 TO $8,000
 renewable annually

 •  Golden State, Evergreen State, Gem State and
 Aloha Scholarships: $3,000 to $8,000
 renewable annually

 •  Tuition Grant Scholarships: variable based on
 financial need, awarded in addition to Provost or
 state-specific scholarships

 •  IB Diploma Scholarship: $3,000 renewable annually

 •  College and department scholarships
 Scholarships are subject to available funds. Check with
 the Scholarship Office about eligibility and award details   ESTIMATED
 EXPENSES  Nonresident tuition       Housing and meals        Personal expenses        Books and supplies
 or visit
             $ 29,457                  $ 11,445                  $ 2,604                   $ 1,200
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