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Welcome Parents!

We are proud to welcome you to OSU! We know that although the
next few months will undoubtedly be very exciting for you and your
student it can be a bit confusing as well. This page addresses the
most common concerns of parents of incoming students.

When should I be expecting a bill from OSU?

Billing statements will be available to students around the 5th
of October and will be due by November 1st to avoid interest
charges. All of our billing is processed electronically through
eBill. We do not send out paper statements to currently enrolled
students. When a billing statement is produced your student will
receive an email to their ONID email account letting them know that
their statement is ready to view. They can then view their
statement online at http://mybill.oregonstate.edu

Can I have access to my student's billing statements as

Absolutely! Your student can grant you access to his/her eBill
statements by setting you up as an Authorized User. Authorized
Users are given their own username and password to be able to log
on and view, print or even pay online via eCheck. To set up an
authorized user your student would log on to eBill at http://mybill.oregonstate.edu,
click on the authorized users tab and follow the instructions. You
will then receive an email with your own username and password to
be able to log in. Each time an eBill is processed for your student
you will receive email notification that it is ready to view.

More information can be found on our
Billing and Payment Information

How does my student receive their financial aid/scholarship

Provided that your student's financial aid funds have been
processed they will show up as a credit on your student's ebill
statement. Any scholarships that your student has received from
outside sources will also appear as a credit once they have been
received by the university and processed Outside scholarships are
divided up evenly over the remaining terms of the year unless the
donor specifies otherwise.

Please note, however, that Ford Direct Loans for first time
freshman borrowers only are subject to a thirty day delay before
they can be posted to your student's account. As long as your
student has performed all of the steps necessary to have their
financial aid released these funds will post before the November
1st due date for Fall term statements. These funds will be shown on
your student's eBill statement under the heading "anticipated
financial aid".

What happens to excess financial aid/scholarships funds?

If your student receives financial aid/scholarships it will be
posted to your student's account. If the credit exceeds the
allowable charges on your student's account they will receive a
refund check. We say allowable charges because there are some
restrictions on federal financial aid funds. Federal financial aid
funds are restricted in that they can only pay for items such as
tuition/fees and university housing and dining charges
automatically. Your student's federal financial aid funds cannot
automatically pay for items such as parking permits, parking
citations, library fines, printing charges, etc. Therefore it is
possible that your student may receive a refund check but still owe
a balance on their student account. The bottom line is that
students need to check their billing statements even if they
receive a refund.

Refunds are automatically printed as checks unless the student
signs up for direct deposit.

Please see our
Financial Aid Refund Policy
for more information on financial
aid refund checks.

How do regulations regarding student privacy affect my
communication with the Student Finance Office?

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a
federal law designed to protect the privacy of a student's
educational records. FERPA applies to students financial records as
well. Because of these regulations we must have a valid release
form on file from your student before we can release any specific
information regarding student accounts. To sign a release form
students may stop by our office during regular business hours with
photo ID.. We can also mail or fax release forms to students,
however, the forms must be notarized if they are not signed in
person. Release forms automatically expire at the end of the
academic year.

Being an authorized user in eBill is not the same as having a
valid release form on file.

Please note that the Student Finance release form is valid for
the Student Finance Office only. Other OSU offices such as the
Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, The Office of the
Registrar, University Housing and Dining Services, etc. each
operate under their own unique guidelines and may require a FERPA
release form as well.

Please see our
Student Records and Privacy
page for more information

How do I contact your office?

In Person: We are located on the main floor of the Kerr
Administration Building on the main floor directly across from the
Registrar's and Admissions Offices. Our regular business hours are
Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM.

By Telephone: Our number is 541-737-3775. Telephone service
hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM

By Email: Our email address is: Accounts.Receivable@oregonstate.edu

By Snail Mail: Accounts Receivable, Oregon State University, PO
Box 1086, Corvallis OR 97339-1086

On the Web: The answers to many questions can also be found on
our website at studentfinance/

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