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Oregon State University

Radiation Safety

All research and teaching activities at Oregon State University that require the possession and/or use of radioisotopes or radiation-emitting machines are governed by the provisions of a license and/or regulations issued by the State of Oregon. The Radiation Safety Program, established by the President of the university, provides for these uses under the applicable laws and regulations of federal, state, and local agencies. Furthermore, the Program ensures that no risk from ionizing radiation shall be incurred except where justified by benefits from the activity and that radiation exposure shall be maintained As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). All uses of ionizing radiation must be specifically authorized by the Radiation Safety Committee and the authorized user has primary responsibility for all safety aspects of work under the program. This includes familiarity with and adherence to all regulations, personnel training, and the conduct of safe operations with the assistance of Radiation Safety.



Policies & Procedures

OSU Radiation Safety Manual  (revised 1/2012)  (RSM pdf)

Lab Procedure 5: Performing Routine Laboratory Monitoring (pdf)

 Lab Procedure 11: Semi-annual Radioisotope Inventory Procedure (pdf)

Quick Guide to Radioactive Waste Segregation  (pdf)

Radioactive Waste Disposal - general procedures

X-ray Program


Information Bulletins and Schedule of Charges



Declaration of pregnancy for radiation workers 

Radioisotope safety data sheets, glossary and Links