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Improving workspaces at OSU

Ergonomics is the study of the interaction between human beings, their work,  the tools they use, and the environment in which they function. The goal of ergonomics is to work towards a safe & healthful work environment free from recognized hazards by fitting the job to the person rather than making the person fit the job.


Ergonomic Assessments

Below are videos provided by SAIF (State Accident Insurance Fund – OSU’s Worker’s Compensation Insurance carrier) that cover common ergonomic concerns. Watch the following videos to assess your workstation. If after watching these videos you still have ergonomic issues or questions, EH&S offers ergonomic assessments. It is preferable to schedule these ergonomic assessments for an entire office or group, so that you can help each other stay on-track with the improvements you make. Individual assessments are also available. To schedule an individual or group assessment, please submit your request to Mike

Play All (12:12)

1.   Office ergonomics: Simple solutions (0:45)

2.   Posture is important (0:40)

3.   Adjust your chair (1:26)

4.   Adjust your keyboard and mouse (1:23)

5.   Adjust your monitor (1:22)

6.   Using the phone; working the "zone" (1:03)

7.   Thinking on your feet (1:11)

8.   Working on the go (1:12)

9.   Cost-saving solutions (0:55)

10.  Exercise balls, treadmill desks, and other alternative ideas (1:16)


General Ergonomic Information

OR-OSHA Easy Ergonomics


Easy Ergonomics A Practical Approach for Improving the Workplace is an 88-page document that provides an introduction to ergonomics and the benefits, describes factors may may contribute to work task problems, examples of ergonomic improvements, a problem-solving exercise, and ergonomics-related resources.



Stand Up for Health

This one-page flyer, SAIF's Stand up for Health, reminds us to stand and walk more during the day to keep our cirulation moving and improve out health.




Value of Warm Up Exercises



This two-page flyer, The Value of Warm-up Exercies, provides information on how warm-up exercises can reduce incidence and severity of soft tissue injuries.



Strengthen and Lenthen



This one-page flyer, Strengthen and Lengthen, provides instruction on active exercises that can help improve core strength and muscle tone.




Check out the links below for more specific ergonomic-related information for your specific workspace settting.

Ergonomics in the Office Setting

Ergonomics in the Laboratory Setting

Ergonomics in Vehicle Use

Ergonomics in Equipment Selection

Ergonomics in Space Design

Ergonomics in Material Handling


Safety in Motion (SiM4) Training

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), in partnership with SAIF Corp., is now offering Safety In Motion® (SIM4®) training FREE to all campus employees. SIM4® techniques are proven to reduce physical stress and strain, boost balance and strength, and improve productivity.  Participants learn to make simple, practical changes in the way they reach, lift, carry, push, or pull. These changes make most tasks both easier and safer, on or off the job, and improve our quality of life.
EH&S maintains a roster of on-going SiM4 training oppoortunities, visit the Professional Development site to view course listings and to register for these trainings. 

OSU On-campus Resources

Healthy Campus Initiatives is a campus coalition that exists to identify goals, set priorities, influence policy, provide programming, and measure progress to increase health behaviors and improve well-being for individuals and the community at OSU.

The Mind Spa at CAPS is a unique sanctuary where you can soothe your mind, body and spirit.  The Mind Spa is open to all OSU community members (faculty, staff and students) and features the latest in biofeedback technology, meditation resources, light therapy and robotic massage chair therapy.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion works with units and employees to determine reasonable employment accommodations related to a disability, and can be contacted at any time to discuss potential ergonomic related accommodations. They also advocate for improved environments for the entire campus community.”

Office of Human Resources Work Life provides a list of various Univeristy resources to assist you in finding your work-life balance.

LifeBalance OSU strives to help create a family-friendly environment where work life and school life can be balanced with personal life.