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Oregon State University

Chemical Inventory and Lab Assessment Program

First time users: You must set up access to the PI Web Interface for chemical inventory and lab assessment reports.

  • For initial access, contact OSU's Chemical Safety Officer by email.

  • Minimum information needed:

    • Name of chemical owner (PI or other responsible individual/program)

    • Employee ID number

    • ONID username

    • Location(s) of chemicals

  • For other employees that need entry access on your behalf: provide same information as above.

Inventory Entry Directions

Chemical Inventory Guidelines (Describes chemicals that must be included and those that may be excluded from a chemical inventory)

Note: the Link below also provides access to lab safety assessment reports and allows online response to attention items noted during lab assessments.

Go To Inventory Program

Chemical Reuse Program

  • To view available items:

    • Login to the on-line inventory program

    • Choose "Used Chemical Exchange" radio button at the top of the inventory view screen.

    • Choose "All Items" radio button on the left side of the screen

Lab Assessment Response directions