General Requirements


Decontamination and Disposalof Chemical Carcinogens




Facilities for Housing Animals Exposed to Chemical Carcinogens

Nonvolatile Carcinogens

Volatile Carcinogens.

Alternative Facilities

Physical Facilities

Personal Protection

All standard laboratory safety practices, such as the wearing of eye protection, shall be observed.

Prohibited Activities in Laboratories Where Carcinogens are Used


Training Responsibilities Of Project Leaders.

Prior to working with chemical carcinogens, each employee shall receive training including, but not limited to:

  1. The nature of the hazards, including local and systemic toxicity.
  2. The specific nature of operations which could result in exposure.
  3. The purpose for, the nature of, the application of decontamination procedures.
  4. The employee's specific role in prescribed emergency procedures.
  5. Specific information to aid the employee in recognition and evaluation of conditions and situations which may result in the release of a carcinogen.
  6. The employee shall be trained in the prescribed emergency procedures and rehearsed in their application.

Supplementary Training.

Storage and labeling

Notification of EH&S

Medical Surveillance

Report of Incidents

Chemical Inventory