X. Laboratory Accidents

This section includes over-exposures to hazardous agents.

A. Injuries or Over-exposures (Aid to Employees)

  1. An exposure exceeding an OSHA PEL is an "over-exposure."
  2. If an employee is seriously injured or incapacitated, call 911 to obtain emergency medical treatment. Never enter an enclosed space where a person appears unconscious without assistance from OSU security services or other emergency personnel.
  3. Chemical splashes require immediate flushing of the affected areas. 15 minutes of flushing for significant splashes or any splash in the eye is recommended. Eye wash stations and lab deluge showers are intended for this purpose. There are exception s that should have been covered in training, if relevant.
  4. For minor injuries, treat with the laboratory first aid kit or take the person to the hospital or their personal physician. Treatment should prevent exposure to chemicals if the injured person will continue to work in the lab prior to healing (e.g. , a cut on the finger will be covered by a bandage and the person will wear a plastic glove until the cut is fully healed).
  5. Most injuries or over-exposure events require completion of an "Report of Accident" form (Reference 3) that can be obtained from your administrative office.

B. Accident or Over-exposure Investigations

  1. Accident or over-exposure investigations (Reference 3) will be conducted by the immediate supervisor with assistance from other personnel as deemed necessary.