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Equipment Checkout


Equipment check out:

Snell Hall 210 only

Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 11:45 am & 1:00 pm to 4:45 pm


Sony NXCAM - HD Camera

Comes with battery, battery charger, condenser microphone, and lens cleaning kit. *User Manual available for check-out. Accessories include: card readers, camera rain covers, camera remotes, tripods, and headphones.



Canon Rebel T2i


Canon Rebel 2Ti - Pictures/HD Video

Comes with battery, battery recharger, usb cable, and lens. *User manual available for check-out. Accessories include: card readers, lens cleaning kit, headphones, and tripods.






Microphones - Dynamic/Condensers

Microphones available: Shure SM58 (dynamic), Shure VP64AL (dynamic), Audio Technica Shotguns (condenser), and Audio Technica Lav mics (dynamic). Accessories include: KBVR mic flags, windscreens, boom poles, and mic clips.




Wireless Mics


Wireless Microphone Transmitter/Receiver

Works with all dynamic microphones available for check-out. Full wireless systems are available as well.




Digital Recorders


Digital Recorders

Choose between a ZOOM H1 or H4n. *Operation Manual available for check-out




Lowel Lighting


Lighting Kits

Lowel light kits include OMNI lights, reflector umbrellas, stands, and cables. Accessories available include: scrims, TOTA lights, and reflectors.




Varizoom Shoulder Brace


VariZoom Shoulder Brace

Shoulder brace for cameras available.




Steadicam Merlin


Steadicam Merlin

Steadicam for camera. Vest is optional.




Steadicam Vest


Steadicam Vest

Used with Merlin Steadicam




Mic Cables



Cables include right angle XLRs (mic cables) and regular XLRs.




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