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Faculty Senate

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2008 Executive Committee Member

HAROLD R. PARKS (at OSU since 1977), Professor, Department of Mathematics, College of Science

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Science Senator, 2007-present. 2004-06

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE SERVICE: Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2002 and Curriculum Committee, 1992-97 (chair)

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Graduate Program Review Committee ECE, 2002; Planning Committee for Pre-college Summer Program, 1998; and Foreign T.A. Advisory Group, 1990

Candidate Statement: The Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate should always seek fair and realistic solutions to problems and should always try to make workable the procedures and processes we live under. I have been at OSU quite a while, and I hope I’ve learned something from my experiences over that time. If elected to the Executive Committee, I will try to help us to continue to move toward the goals of fairness and workability by listening to various points of view and by sharing what I can contribute.