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Faculty Senate

Undergraduate Admissions Committee

Standing Rules

The Undergraduate Admissions Committee decides whether to admit any potential undergraduate applicant not meeting the stated admission requirements as established by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education and who requests consideration by the Committee. Previous academic experience, test scores, recommendations, and other criteria are reviewed in the process of determining which requests for exemptions should be approved. The Committee also serves as the focal point for discussion and review of policy changes related to undergraduate admissions and makes recommendations to the Assistant Provost for Academic Programs or Faculty Senate, as appropriate. The Committee consists of ten Faculty and one Student. Of the ten faculty members, there shall be at least five Teaching faculty, one college head advisor, one representative from International Programs, and up to two retired faculty on 1039-hour appointments. All members should be available to serve during the summer since most of the committee activity, in fact, takes place during the summer. In addition, a representative from the Office of Admissions shall be ex-officio, voting.