Department of Public Safety Services

Safety Related Services
  • 24-hour Public Assistance
  • Building Access
  • Building and Perimeter Security
  • Incident and Emergency Response
  • Provide Personal Safety Escorts
  • Student Medical Transport to Student Health Center
  • After-Hour Vehicle Assistance
  • Vehicle Jump-Start
Safety/Crime Prevention Programs
  • Blue Light Emergency Telephones 
  • Yellow Boxed Security Phones 
  • Pay Phones/No Coin to dial 911 
  • Red Phones - Valley Library
  • Operation I.D.
  • Bicycle Safety - Registration (PDF Form)
  • Crime Alert Notices
  • Crime Prevention Education Information
  • Liaison Program - OSP/DPS and Residence Halls, Cooperative Houses and Cultural Centers
  • Neighborhood/Community Watch Program
  • Special Event Monitoring
  • Auxiliary Security Coordination
  • Student Security Patrol
  • Safety Whistle Alert Program Co-Sponsored/Women's Center
  • Security Inspections and Consultation
  • Lost and Found (Items valued over $100 and bicycles)
Educational Programs

Along with providing traditional law enforcement services, Oregon State Police and the Department of Public Safety are committed to many crime prevention programs that are available to OSU community members at no cost.

Oregon State Police/Department of Public Safety coordinate and co-sponsor educational and crime prevention programs with Counseling & Psychological Services, the Women's Center, Student Leadership & Involvement, Recreational Sports, University Housing & Dining Services and the Athletics Department.

Some of these programs include:

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Education
  • Personal Security Presentations
  • Public Information
  • Sexual Assault Awareness