Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

Information for Students, Faculty and Staff of Oregon State University

The Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, as articulated in the Education Department General Administrative Regulation Part 86 - the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations, requires all institutions of higher education to distribute, on an annual basis, information related to the prevention of unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students, faculty or staff.

In compliance with this act of congress, Oregon State University will provide for the campus community information covering the following areas of interest.

  1. Health risks associated with alcohol abuse and illicit drug use.
  2. Drug and alcohol programs available to employees or students.
  3. Standards of Conduct for students and employees.
  4. Disciplinary sanctions for students and employees in violation of policy.
  5. Federal and state based legal sanctions.

At Oregon State University, we strive to provide an excellent teaching and learning environment while developing a campus environment that supports healthy choices for living. Included in the choices that confront us all are decisions about the use of alcohol and other substances. If you or someone you know is being effected by alcohol or drug use, please use the recommended resources linked above. Individual contact for questions regarding this standard can be directed to the appropriate person below:


Dan Schwab, Director, Office of Student Conduct


Jacque Rudolph, Director, Office of Human Resources