Crime Prevention

Risk Reduction & Personal Safety

While the Oregon State University community and the city of Corvallis are considered friendly and relatively safe communities, neither is immune to the realities of the world. A safe and secure environment is made possible through each member of the Oregon State University community's involvement in crime prevention and sensible behavior.

In order to have a safe and successful Oregon State University experience, each person must take responsibility to recognize one's own vulnerability to crime and reduce risks through preventive action and cooperation with Oregon State Police and the Department of Public Safety.

You Make the Difference! Three factors must be present for a crime to occur:

  • Desire
  • Ability
  • Opportunity

You can have a significant impact on the last one, Opportunity, and can significantly reduce crime by being aware of simple steps for crime prevention. These crime prevention tips can be used by all students, faculty, and staff of any age, both on and off campus.

We are providing this crime prevention information to you as a reference guide to assist you in making the decisions that will help to keep you safe. You are primarily responsible for your own safety and security. You need to make the effort to make your surroundings as safe and secure as possible.

Remember, crimes occur only when criminals have the opportunity to commit crime. It's up to you to take that opportunity away from the criminal. Defeat the criminal before you're victimized and take steps to prevent crime from getting worse. Crimes can generally be broken down into two categories: crimes against property and crimes against a person.

Help the Police help you, we are most at risk when we don't realize we're vulnerable.

It's human nature to become comfortable in a familiar situation and we allow our defenses to drop. However, when our barriers are down we are at risk from professional-criminals and opportunists alike.

Q. Can you help reduce crime?
A. Absolutely!

Report all suspicious activity to your local police department, Oregon State Police Dispatch 541-737-7000 or 7-7000, or the Corvallis Police Department 911. When you call to report suspicious activity, you will be asked for your name and telephone number. This information is requested in case additional contact with you becomes necessarybut you can remain anonymous if you wish.