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Corvallis Area Law Enforcement Partnership

Oregon State Police
Corvallis Police Department
Benton County Sheriff's Office
Oregon Liquor Control Commission
OSU Dept. Public Safety

While the Oregon State University community and the City of Corvallis are considered friendly and relatively safe communities, neither is immune to the realities of the world. A safe and secure environment is made possible through each member of the Oregon State University community's involvement in crime prevention and sensible behavior.

In order to have a safe and successful Oregon State University experience, each person must take responsibility to recognize one's own vulnerability to crime and reduce risks through preventive action and cooperation with Oregon State Police, Corvallis Police Department, Benton County Sheriff's Office, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, and the Department of Public Safety.

Partnership Oregon State Police, Corvallis Police Department, Benton County Sheriff's Office, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, & Oregon State University's Department of Public Safety work in partnership to provide a safe campus and community for students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Oregon State University; to facilitate the educational, research and community service goals; and to provide these services with the highest standards of professionalism.

The agencies are all dedicated to fostering partnerships and mutual trust with our diverse community. We use time-tested methods and seek innovative problem-solving strategies to promote a safer and caring environment. We accept our responsibility as professionals to provide the highest standard of criminal justice and public safety services while respecting the rights and dignity of the individual.

The "Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act" is the law that requires all institutions of higher education to release campus crime statistics and security policies to students. This annual report can be found on the OSU State Police/Public Safety Web Page, or call the Department of Public Safety for a printed copy.

Services, Responsibilities, & Programs:


  • Uniformed OSP/CPD/BCSO/DPS officers provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the campus, community, and county. These services and responsibilities include:
  • Law Enforcement
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Emergency Management, and Search and Rescue
  • Traffic Enforcement Bicycle Enforcement
  • Accident Response
  • Crowd Control
  • Crime Prevention
  • Emergency response to: Crimes in Progress, Life threatening incidents
  • Patrol with: Marked Police Cars, Unmarked Police Cars, Bicycles, Boats
  • Foot Patrols
  • Officer Liaison Programs: Corvallis Police Department & OSU's Greek Community, Oregon State Police & On Campus Living Groups, Cultural Centers, & Child Care Centers

Resources for Your Safety


  • Whistles (Sexual Assault Prevention Program) Available at the Department of Public Safety in Cascade Hall & The Women's Center
  • Emergency Phones Campus - Blue Light Emergency Phones Residence Halls - Yellow Box Security Phones Kerr Library - Red Phones
  • Wallking Routes - Lighted Corridors

Jurisdiction & Authority


  • Oregon State Police - Oregon State University Campus, State of Oregon(State Laws)
  • Corvallis Police Department - Corvallis Community, State of Oregon (City Ordinances, State Laws)
  • Benton County Sheriff's Office - County Ordinances, State Laws
  • Oregon Liquor Control Commission - State of Oregon (State Liquor Laws)
  • OSU's Department of Public Safety - University Campus (Oregon Administrative Rules)

Oregon State Police Department of Public Safety
737-3010-Non Emergency Dispatch
200 Cascade Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR 97331

Corvallis Police Department
766-6911-Non Emergency Dispatch
180 NW 5th St
Corvallis, OR 97330

Benton County Sheriff Office
766-6911-Non Emergency Dispatch
766-6864-Emergency Management/ Search and Rescue
180 NW 5th St
Corvallis, OR 97330

Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC)
Regulatory Field Operations
180 NW 5th Street (Law Enforcement Building)
Corvallis, OR 97330