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Support Services

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counselors are available to assist students through Counseling and Psychological Services. In addition, students may consult with and receive support and advocacy from the OSU Sexual Assault Support Services. These services are CONFIDENTIAL and available to all enrolled OSU students who have paid counseling and health fees.

Sexual Assault Support Services (S.A.S.S.)

Provides confidential support and advocacy for survivors of sexual assault or unwanted sexual contact. Students may use this service to learn their options for reporting an assault, receive individual or group counseling, understand the support services available through other OSU departments and Corvallis community agencies, or seek additional support during the recovery process. The coordinator of S.A.S.S. is available to consult with OSU students, faculty, staff, and family as needed. S.A.S.S. is housed within the Counseling and Psychological Services.

Campus Medical Services

Confidential medical services are available from several clinics in OSU's Student Health Services including primary care and gynecology.

Additional campus and community support services

If the victim of the alleged sexual offense desires to change academic or on-campus living situations subsequent to an alleged sexual incident, assistance will be provided to the extent that other options are reasonably available. Staff or faculty who are eligible for benefits may use the counseling services provided through the Employee Assistance Program.



The following are contact numbers of departments and groups that can provide assistance if you are a victim/survivor of sexual assault or sexual harassment. We encourage everyone to report sexual offenses as soon as possible.

Oregon State Police/Department of Public Safety: 737-3010

Contact Oregon State Police/Department of Public Safety for sexual assault awareness programs, as a resource for questions or comments regarding sexual assault, and/or to file a criminal complaint or to report problems related to assault or harassment.

Corvallis Police Department: 911 or 766-6924

Contact the Corvallis Police Department to file a criminal complaint or to report problems related to assault or harassment that has occurred off campus.

Student Conduct & Mediation Programs: 737-3656

To report an incident of sexual assault or harassment or other form of misconduct, or for questions regarding the University's policies and procedures, the Student Conduct & Mediation Programs may be contacted. This office investigates complaints, and can arrange a disciplinary review process with the accused student. The range of sanctions and outcomes can include suspension or expulsion, or probation or a warning, with required educational activities, community service, and/or restrictions assigned to the accused.

Affirmative Action Office: 737-3556

To report sexual harassment, students and staff may file a formal or informal complaint with the Affirmative Action Office. This office provides investigation and resolution to complaints.

Sexual Assault Support Service Coordinator: 737-7604

Provides confidential support and counseling for survivors. Contact if you are seeking information regarding support services on campus and in Corvallis, individual or group counseling services, or desiring assistance in connecting survivor with other resources. Sexual Assault Support Services team members also provide educational and consultation services, and advocacy for survivors of unwanted sexual contact. This office can also assist in providing some advocacy services on campus for students who may need additional assistance.

Counseling & Psychological Services: 737-2131

Confidential counseling services are available for students through Counseling and Psychological Services. In addition, CAPS is available to provide referrals to private counseling services that are available in Corvallis and the surrounding community.