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Proscribed Behaviors

Proscribed Behaviors


Offenses Proscribed by the State Board of Higher

The University may initiate
disciplinary action and impose sanctions against any student, officially
recognized student organization, or academic department group which commits any
of the following acts proscribed by the State Board of Higher Education:

Obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary
procedures, or other institutional activities, including the institution's public
service functions or other authorized activities on institutionally-owned or
controlled property.

Obstruction or disruption interfering with freedom of movement, either
pedestrian or vehicular, on institutionally-owned or controlled property.

(3) Possession or use of
firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or other dangerous weapons or
instrumentalities on institutionally-owned or controlled property, in
contravention of law or institutional rules.

Detention or physical abuse of any person or conduct intended to threaten
imminent bodily harm or endanger the health of any person on any
institutionally-owned or controlled property.

Malicious damage, misuse or theft of institutional property, or the property of
any other person where such property is located on institutionally-owned or
controlled property, or, regardless of location is in the care, custody, or
control of an institution.

Refusal by any person while on institutional property to comply with an order
of the President or appropriate authorized official to leave such premises
because of conduct proscribed by this rule when such conduct constitutes a
danger to personal safety, property or educational, or other appropriate
institutional activities on such premises.

(7) Unauthorized entry to
or use of institutional facilities, including buildings and grounds.

Illegal use, possession, or distribution of drugs or illegal substances on
institutionally-owned or controlled property.

(9) Inciting others to
engage in any of the conduct or to perform any of the acts prohibited herein.
Inciting means that advocacy of proscribed conduct which calls on the person or
persons addressed for imminent action, and is coupled with a reasonable
apprehension of imminent danger to the functions and purposes of the
institution, including the safety of persons, and the protection of its

(10) Violating the State
Board of Higher Education's Policy on Intercollegiate Athletics as described in
Section 8 of its Internal Management Directives, specifically including the
subsection thereof entitled Code of Ethics.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 351.070
Stats. Implemented: ORS 351.070


Offenses Proscribed by the University

University may initiate disciplinary action and impose sanctions against any
student, University recognized student organization, or academic department
group which commits any of the following proscribed acts:

(1) Academic dishonesty:

(a) Academic dishonesty is
defined as an intentional act of deception in which a student seeks to claim
credit for the work or effort of another person or uses unauthorized materials
or fabricated information in any academic work;

(b) It includes
"cheating" (intentional use or attempted use of unauthorized
materials, information, or study aid), "fabrication" (intentional
falsification or invention of any information), "assisting in
dishonesty" (intentionally or knowingly helping or attempting to help
another commit an act of dishonesty), "tampering" (altering or
interfering with evaluation instruments and documents), and
"plagiarism" (intentionally or knowingly representing the words or
ideas of another person as one's own);

(c) Academic dishonesty
cases are handled initially by the academic units, but will also be referred to
the Student Conduct Coordinator for action under these rules.

Hazing, harassing, or threatening actions which intentionally subject another
person to offensive physical contact, physical injury or property damage, or
which specifically and intentionally insult another person in his or her
immediate presence with words or gestures when a reasonable person would expect
that such an act or actions would provoke a violent response. (These actions,
when based on race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital
status, sex, or sexual orientation are among the forms of prohibited behavior -
See General University Policy on Discriminatory Conduct.)

(3) Rape,
sexual assault, or unwanted sexual contact of any kind, or threat of such
contact, are prohibited as is any physical abuse (see OAR 576-015-0015(4).
Sexual contact shall be considered "unwanted" or without consent if
no clear consent is freely given; if inflicted through force, threat of force,
or coercion; or if inflicted upon a person who is unconscious or otherwise
without the physical or mental capacity to consent. If sexual contact is
inflicted on someone who is intoxicated or impaired in the exercise of their
judgment by alcohol or drugs, it may be considered without consent.

Possession or consumption of alcohol beverages by persons under 21 years of
age, or furnishing of alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years, on
University owned or controlled property or at University sponsored or
supervised activities. Individuals of legal drinking age in recognized student
housing may possess and consume alcoholic beverages only in their private
rooms, and dispensing devices such as kegs and taps, and large containers such
as "party balls," are not permitted. Use of alcohol in any other
campus location is prohibited unless specifically authorized in OAR
576-060-0010, which governs the conditions under which alcoholic beverages may
be consumed in areas other than housing units on the University campus.
Regulations concerning use of alcoholic beverages by students in University
housing units and by recognized student organizations off campus are detailed
in the Student Life Policy and Regulations section "Scheduling Social,
Recreational, or Educational Events."

(5) Smoking in unauthorized
areas in violation of OAR 576-040-0010.

Falsification or misuse of any University information, including records,
permits, documents, computer resources, identification cards, etc.; or the
furnishing of false or misleading information to the University or its representative;
or refusal to provide one's name, class, school, and local address when
requested by a University official, provided the official is identified and
indicates legitimate reason for the request.

(7) Bringing an animal onto
University owned or controlled property in violation of OAR 576-045-0020.

(8) Inciting others to
engage in any of these prohibited behaviors, as defined in OAR 576-015-0015(9).

(9) Violation of any
federal or state law or city or local ordinance or University rule.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 351.070
Stats. Implemented: ORS 351.070