Part III: Section B
Building a Photographic Frame
2. Steps in Constructing the Platform

Step 1: Measureing the PVC Pipe

The height of the frame will depend on the size of the quadrat and the camera specifications. The standard frame we have been using works well for a 28mm camera lens at a 1.7m (5.5 ft) height to capture a 1m 2 area within the image. The description that follows is based on these criteria.

Using a tape measure, mark five 1-meter segments of PVC, as shown in the figure below. Four will be used for the 1m 2 quadrat. The fifth will be used for the camera support crossbar at the top of the frame.


Step 2: Cutting the PVC Pipe

The PVC tubing can be cut with a PVC pipe cutter, as shown below.


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