Si Simenstad

Principal Fisheries Biologist

School of Fishery Sciences
University of Washington

Research Interests:

Having conducted research on estuarine and coastal marine ecosystems troughout Puget Sound, the Washington coast, and Alaska for over twenty-three years, most of my studies have focused on the functional role of estuarine and coastal habitats to support fish (especially juvenile Pacific salmon) and wildlife, and the associated ecological interactions that are responsible for enancing populations of economically and ecologically-important fisheries resources. Primary interest is on natural (e.g., basic) ecosystem-, community- and habitat-level interactions, with emphasis on predator-prey relationships and the sources, organizaiton and flow of organic matter through food webs, and interactions between estuarine circulation and ecological processes. Particular habitats of interest include kelp and eelgrass beds, emergent marshes and mudflats. Recent research emphasis has stressed integration of such basic interactions to applied issues such as restoration, creation and enhancement of estuarine and costal wetlands and estuarine ecosystems, and ecological approaches to evaluating the success of antrhopogenic stressors and alterations.

Consortium Interests:

Primary research focus relates to the association between habitat landscape structure and fundamental ecological processes that support both directly (e.g., foraging or rearing habitats) and indirectly (e.g., detritus sources) production of important organisms in the estuary. This involves characterizing the role of natural variability in the structure of watershed-estuary gradients, understanding the effect of changing habitat structure on processes such as juvenile salmon and crab rearing, and investigating the effects of anthropogenic changes and inputs in the watershed and estuary upon habitat patterns and processes.

Phone:  206-543-7185
FAX:  206-685-7471


Wetland Ecosystems Team
School of Fisheries
University of Washington, Box 357980
Seattle, Washington 98195

Educational Background:

M.S. - Fisheries, University of Washington, 1971
B.S. - Fisheries, University of Washington, 1969