Ernie Niemi

Co-Principal Investigator
Vice President, ECONorthwest

Research Interests:

Resource and environmental economics, regional economics, cost-benefit analysis, economic valuation, and litigation-support.

Role in Consortium:

Niemi has been vice president and project manager at ECONorthwest, an economics and consulting firm, since 1978, and has taught cost-benefit analysis and economic development at the University of Oregon. Niemi's research has analyzed the costs, benefits, impacts and environmental externalities of resource-management policies and conservation strategies, and elucidated the relationship between regional economies and the environment.

Phone:  541-687-0051
FAX:  541-344-0562


ECONorthwest, Inc.
99W 10th Avenue, Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97401-3001

Educational Background:

M.C.R.P. - Urban Planning & Public Policy, Harvard
B.A. - Chemistry, University of Oregon