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OSU vs Utah (Homecoming) 10-20-2012

Full Utah Gallery

OSU vs WSU 10-06-2012

Full WSU Gallery

OSU vs Wisconsin 09-08-2012

Full Wisconsin Gallery


Civil War Football 11-25-2011


OSU Football v. WSU 10-22-11

Cheerleader of the Game: Holly (Excellent knowledge of the game, showmanship & skills)

Dancer of the Game: Natalie (Great smile, eye contact & knowledge of the material)

Male of the Game: Robbie (Great attitude, stunt skills & tumbling skills)

Cupie-off Winners: Coleman & Holly

Pre-game Tailgater


Dancers having Dinner Out in Seattle 10-21-11

Alumni Performance

Pioneer Plaza Performance, Portland, OR October 21, 2011


OSU Football v. BYU 10-15-11

Cheerleader of the Game: Katie, Dancer of the Game: Madison

Males of the Game: Andy & Robbie, Cupie-off Winner: Gomie & Christine


OSU Football v. Arizona 10-8-11

Cheerleader of the Game: Christine, Dancers of the Game: Hayley & Andrea

Males of the Game: Ben, Cupie-off Winners: Allen & Katie






OSU Football v. UCLA 9-24-11

Cheerleader of the Game: Kirsten, Dancer of the Game: Lily

Male of the Game: Allen Cupie-off Winners: Gomie & Holly


PDX Pep Rally 9-16-11





Cheerleader of the Game: Holly, Dancer of the Game: Kim

Male of the Game: Ben Cupie-off Winner: Gomie & Holly





Basketball Season 2011

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OSU / UO Stunt Around 9/06

UCA College Nationals 1/06

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FB vs. Washington State 10/01/05

FB vs. Arizona State 9/24/05

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Men's PAC-10 Basketball Tournament

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OSU Vs New Mexico 9/18/04

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