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OktoberPest 2017

Pest Management Workshops
for Greenhouse and Nursery Growers
Thursdays in October

Stay tuned for 2017 OktoberPest info soon!

2017 OktoberPest Program. Registration form for OktoberPest

Oct. 5, 2017 -Name that Bug! Recognition of Key Insect Orders of Ornamental Plant Pests (taught in Spanish) PDF agenda (English) PDF agenda (Spanish)

Luisa Santamaria, Department of Botany/Plant Pathology, Oregon State University/NWREC and Robin Rosetta, Department of Horticulture, OSU

The participants of this workshop will learn visual recognition of key insect orders that contain pests of ornamental plants in the Pacific Northwest as well as their associated damage. The second part of this session will emphasize hands-on activities with prepared specimens and images for identification. A check for correct identification and comprehension will follow. This workshop is eligible for three credit hours.

Oct. 12, 2017. The Boring Workshop: A Primer on Insects that Bore into Nursery Stock PDF Agenda

Robin Rosetta and Nik Wiman. Department of Horticulture, OSU/NWREC Extension – Participants will learn basic biology, identification, damage, and management of the most common boring insect species in nurseries. Presentations will include hands-on demonstrations. This workshop is eligible for three credit hours: one Core, two other.

Oct. 19, 2017. Meet the Neighbors: An Update on Emerging Plant Pest Issues PDF Agenda

Clint Burfitt, ODA; Jana Lee, USDA/ARS, Corvallis; David Lowenstein and Robin Rosetta, Department of Horticulture, OSU/NWREC Extension – Participants will learn basic biology, identification, and damage of emerging and recently detected plant pests as well as those likely to be introduced. This workshop included guided hands-on demonstrations and displays.

Oct. 26, 2017 - Slime and Punishment: Integrated Pest Management of Snails and Slugs PDF Agenda
James Coupland, FarmForest Research, Almonte ON; Rory Mc Donnell, Crop and Soil Science Dept., OSU; and Robin Rosetta, OSU Extension/NWREC

The participants will learn the basics of ID followed by a hands on workshop of the most common species encountered in nurseries. This presentation will emphasize monitoring, biological, cultural, physical, and chemical management of slug and snail pests in nurseries. Note: This workshop has an afternoon field session and lunch with be included.

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


All Workshops will be held at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center,
15210 NE. Miley Rd., Aurora, OR. We have applied for pesticide recertification credits hours
for each of our sessions

For further information contact :
Program: Robin Rosetta 971-801-0387
Spanish language program: Luisa Santamaria 971-801-0389
Registration: Jan Egli at 971-373-5912, jan.egli@oregonstate.edu

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