Latin name: Rumex crispus

Family:  Polygonaceae

Common name: curly dock

Life cycle:  perennial, reproduces by seed

Habit: Initially forms a rosette, followed by an erect flower stalk up to 4 feet tall.
Foliage:  Long, up to 14 inches long, linear, and with a distinctly wavy margin.
Flowers:  Flowers occur in panicles or axillary clusters.  Flowers are apetalous (without petals), green, and turn brown at maturity.

Stem:  Stems of curly dock, as well as other plants in this family, have noticeably jointed stems.  Also consistent in this family is the ocrea (or membranous sheath) that occurs at each node.

The family name Polygonaceae is derived from Greek words 'poly' which means many, and 'gonum' which means knee.
Look alikes: Broadleaf dock (Rumex obtusifolius)

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